Wednesday, September 21, 2011

16 September

I am 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant..yesterday's check-up i am weighing 61kg... time flies. Super fast! Its almost time or to be in exact..ANYTIME. How i wish i deliver my baby today! The waiting is not a good thing to do..

However so far, i do not yet feel any contraction but its the other matters that make me so uncomfortable.I can not even walk properly due to the pain i feel 'down there' . Its because baby's head is entering the 'pelvic bones' to get ready to be delivered..anytime till the due date. Thanks to the doctor and nurses with their clear explanation why in every pregnancy, a mum will experience different problems. I understand more now.

With my belly growing like a superbig honeydew hidden under my cloth (its my colleague refering my belly to a honeydew,..haha!) still come to the office and settle things that i should before i give birth. Still teaching too and respect me for not just sitting at teacher's desk while teaching..masih larat ba berdiri ni selama 2 jam utk ajar tu budak-budak..:)

Hubby is on leave already, just to make sure he is available whenever i need him. Grateful to have him around, especially in the matter of doing housechores..preparing meals, doing laundry, helping me to handle our growing son YongYong with his increasing demands,..and..etc..

Come to mom and baby checklist - all done and ready. If anytime i feel the sign of delivering baby, tinggal angkat seja.. all checked.

Sooo...what's with the title '16 September'?

It was my birthday. The day i turned exactly 32 years old. No big celebration. But i feel so glad that i got all i want on my birthday..cakes. Yes, its plural.i had cheese cake, chocolate cake and tiramisu.... and ice-cream too..vanilla ice-cream coated with chocolate..nyumnyum.!

Also, on the day i turned 32 years old, i made a special visit: I visited my friend Nancy P. Liew - my university-mate, ex-housemate, ex-colleague, an- active blogger, an-online entrepeneur and for sure my good friend, with her new born baby girl ; Neve Sunduvan J..

Me, my son YongYong and Baby Neve on the visit day. :)
(photo reposted from Nancy's blog)

With Nancy & baby Neve in the crib..kesian dia, mau tidur tp kena kacau-kacau..:)

and..extra pictures of that son is on bad mood after being told to not to get things out of Nc's tv cabinet..huhu..sempat lagi ba dia..

Notice the book in front of him? Its a birthday gift from Nancy..contains 60,000 thousands of baby boys' and girls' name that one can choose from...i haven't finished reading it..haha! banyak betul ba..

Still confuse with the babe's gender, not decided to pick any name yet..but i do have a list though..kasi standby seja..:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Went here just now..

(pict source: both from Mr. google...:)..nda larat mo ambil gambar ba.)

SOGO...It was recommended by some KL-rian friends has been planning to buy handbags eversince we know that we are attending course in KL. So, we went.. and upon our arrival lets see the pict below;

Shoppers...flooding the ground floor as it giving BIIIIIG discount up to 80% on selected brands.

Kami pun nda ketinggalan juga berebut di sini tadi .

We arrived around 5.30pm..thought not crowded because its time for people to go home, cook and ready to break fasting with family. Rupa-rupanya mana ada,berhimpit-himpit ba..Yang saya hairan tu bila time breaking fast jam 7.30pm, masih lagi ramai tu orang yang sepatutnya breaking fast berhimpit-himpit pilih bag..sanggup minum air saja dulu o semata-mata mau shopping..huhu..

at second floor pula, i saw a father and his child duduk tepi dinding sudah sebab tu anak tidur..maybe his wife too busy shopping kan sampai nda peduli tu anak mau tidur..yang lain sa nampak anak-anak dia makan burger McD seja sambil ikut-ikut mamanya pilih-pilih baju..atukoii..begini la pula orang2 sebelah sini a..(i know bukan semua la kan)

I initially dun want to buy but ended up buying two handbags also from a popular brand..Hey, who doesn't want if it offers RM79 for two handbags o? Its really worth it..

My friends lagi la..beli 4 lagi ooo...hehehee..
Nasib la saya bukan bujang, kalau tidak mesti saya pun sudah pajak tu..and i tell you, memang di Sabah nda pernah ada discount begitu besar and banyak choice..but still i'm proud to be a Sabahan la..walau pun teda sale besar-besaran macam di sini..hehe.

Oh, well..that's my story for today. Till then.

3rd Day

Its the third day of my day attending course here in KL. Fortunately, the course is carried out easy and informal. So, for sure there is no stress issues here..hehe..Fortunately also, i'm not alone here. There are 7 of us altogether, i mean from my office..siok juga la. Time mengantuk, boleh gurau2 dengan kawan-kawan.

In KL, its the BIIGG discount time in most shopping complexes here..Jadi, apa lagi kami ni..sambil menyelam minum air. In the tentative program sent to us earlier, it said that we gonna have evening session till 11pm, but..yeaaayy!! to the organizer, the bahagian pembangunan latihan dan kerjaya kementerian pengajian tinggi because let us enjoy our evening time. Its free from any course activity. Except for the 2nd evening where the director of the department met us to give some briefing related to the course.

Yesterday evening we went to Bukit Bintang or to be specific sana Sungei Wang and Low Yat Plaza..pheww! boleh tahan juga la penat berjalan especially with me carrying my 8 months baby still in my perut..huahua..but, semangat mau pigi shopping tu ba, kalah tu penat..
And this evening, next shopping complex to go is Sogo..wuhuuu!..lets see what i'm going to buy there.

Meanwhile, thats all for now. got to go. its 2.30 already and its time to back to bussiness. :)

Till then!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Second time leaving hubby and son since transferred from Johor to Sabah. Called my son just now to say 'good night' and also a good night kiss. He is such a big boy already. Since Friday i told him that i have to send him to his grandma's house instead of to his daycare centre. Telling him the reason that i've to go KL to attend course..Nasib tidak menangis cuma muka dia saja yang nampak sedih time saya say goodbye tadi..miss him already.

Tired..2 hours and half on board and then continue with a bus ride for one hour to hotel where we going to stay for a week. Baby was not calm along the journey.

Maybe he's not comfortable..mummy neither, my dear baby. I guess, we both tired. Plus mummy had a bit breathing problem on flight juz now..but now okay already and baby had stop kicking..Rest well my dear baby. Tomorrow morning must wake up early to have breakfast before course start at 8am.

The room i will stay till Friday. For now, me alone. Don't know if tommorow will get friend or not..sebab tengok list nama peserta kursus tadi masih ada yg belum check-in.

Arrived around 6.15pm tadi petang, check in, mandi and turun makan..makanan di hotel ni not bad. buat masa sekarang nama hotel rahsia dulu. for safety reason, manatau ada orang mau rompak sya ka..haha, kidding ba!..oh ya, makanan di sini kawan cakap sedap, memang sedap..terlebih kenyang ni perut saya sekarang..terlampau lapar kan, sampai makan pun tidak ikut course by course sudah..hentam saja, yang penting perut kenyang.

View from my room. Tingkat 6. Tidak cantik kan?..Tapi ok la sebab hotel ni di tengah-tengah shoplots and ada supermarkets saaana tu yang saya belum ingat nama lagi..time2 rehat boleh la jalan-jalan..
Aishh..buruk juga post saya ni..tidak tentu hala, habis mata mengantuk sudah kali..tapi sempat lagi online.
Ba, sebelum saya menulis lebih buruk lagi, bagus saya tidur dulu la..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Makan-makan At Office Before Fasting Month Begin

My BIIG breakfast today.:) Our office having a makan-makan before fasting begin next week..all staff donated for the event. I bring winter melon juice from Cosway saja..hehe. Well, my office used to have makan-makan every now and then (sebab nama pun jabatan hospitaliti kan) but this time is the biggest.

Nasi Kerabu.

Our Head of Department in green baju kurung, lead the others to take food..boss dulu ba..hehe!

nasi pulut with kerisik kelapa, Udang masak sambal, Lada sumbat, and telur masin..

Ayam goreng and ikan goreng salut tepung..

Closer look..nasi pulut with kerisik kelapa.

Condiments for nasi kerabu.

Its now almost 1pm, but i still full, had my BIIG breakfast early morning..Another one month starting next week, baru la boleh makan-makan di ofis lagi..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Grown Beansprout

Nyum..nyum..nyum..hehe! This was 'bubur kacang hijau' i cooked last weekend. I'm the only one who finshed all of it. Hubby and son not keen to eat..hubby because he memang tidak suka makan, my son because dia tidak biasa makan..Nasib saya masak cukup-cukup untuk saya ja.:)

Since pregnant, i prefer to eat at home rather than outside. If possible, i wanna grow my own vegetable also. Tapi mana ada masa dan yang paling penting, teda tempat saya mau la kalau tinggal kuarters. Mau beli pasu pun malas pula cari tanah lagi..Last-last, paling mudah saya tanam taugeh ja..hihi..nda susah ba..yang penting ada kacang hijau..
letakkan secara rata di bekas yang rata juga..rendam air hingga seluruh permukaan kacang hijau tertutup oleh tu air.

Ni gambar, sehari selepas direndam dalam air..the sprout is coming out already kan..:)
Kalau kering air, tambah sikit2 untuk kekalkan kelembapan tu kacang..

This one is after four days..ready to harvest. I like the colour, different from the beansprout sold at market..ready to cook also, but don't forget to separate its root ya..

Hubby rajin tolong buka tu akar..mau masak kan, kalau saya sorang buka, 1 jam belum habis tu.

Ready to cook..

The final product..sorry, forgotten to take picture while it was fresh from kitchen. Sudah hampir mau habis baru ingat mau ambil gambar. (Menu = beansprout + tauhu).

Sedap dan segar rasa tu taugeh..:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Some friends has been asking why i wanna smile the whole day today..huahua..
Well, have any one of you outhere praised because of how you look in a particular day?..Huahuahua..again.:)
In my first pregnancy, i never wore maternity dress/gown because i need to ride bus to work. So, i usually wore maternity pants and blouse, and i comfortable with that attire. Never crossed in mind to buy one and wear it..

But, yesterday while doing a little shopping as a preparation to welcome my baby in early October, i saw a maternity gown/dress hung above the babies clothes section..then my heart say

'how do i look in that maternity gown?' ..kept staring at the gowns..hubby then approached me and asked 'why? wanna buy one? maybe you look different when wearing it. Pick one then.' He smile.

Then, i ended buying two gowns, same design;one in pink colour and one in peach colour.(In my heart say; lets see how friends are going to say tomorrow).

Today's morning;

After sending my son to his care centre, heading towards our car where hubby is waiting to send me to office. Getting into the car and sat next to him, this is his word 'mummy looks pretty in that gown.' I looked at him say 'really? thank you. Maybe because you never see me wearing a maternity dress while expecting YongYong (my son)'. Gave him a smile too.

Arrived at office:

Colleague 1 : Morning Eve (my nickname among office mates), you look beautiful in that gown.

Me: Morning too. Really? Well, i feel a bit awkward actually. This is my first time wearing a maternity gown.

Colleague 2: Eh Eve, this is my first time seeing you wearing a maternity gown. Look different but, you look cute!

Me: Thank you dear..duh, your praises makes me feel wanna fly oo! haha!

Colleague 3: Eve, look so sweet in that gown..feel wanna hug you la.

Me: You are the fourth person praise me today..thank you and come la hug me..haha! (this person is a 'she' ok, not 'he')

Well, thinking back of all friends respons, i now sure that 'i wasn't look that much weird wearing a maternity gown. (' i look weird wearing that gown' kind of thinking all this while just beacuse i never wore even once before).

Yours truly with mute and deaf students during class today for food and beverage service course.

:), 7 months pregnant.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu 15th Convocation

Just would like to share the recent event in Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu. The 15th Convocation on 19th - 20th July 2011.

The banner.

The Convocation Book.

Happy faces. All their hardwork had been paid off! (teringat zaman-zaman konvo

(Credit to Mr. Ahmad Kassim @ Ce' Mat - my colleagues and the photographer. Thank you for giving me permission using his photo in this blog)

Below, yours truly with colleagues after on duty for the whole day,taking a last minute chance to jalan-jalan at Gerai Konvo.

O latest doctor check-up yesterday. I am weighing 57kg with 10 hb..everything great so far. Except for that hb level. Doctor set me for next check up next two weeks..huhu..have to work hard to level up my hb..some food contain high iron now in mind- must fill my fridge with them before the next check up..mau makan hari2..:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat all you want all you can

Today's post is a sharing about one place you must go if you visit Genting Highland. In more specific, if you go to SkyWay Station. Of course you'll go to this station if you take the cable car to go up Genting Highland.

Its a tid-bits and candies shop. Here is the shop's name. Somewhere around third or fourth floor..Mesti jumpa punya kalau kamu jalan2 di station tu.

Can you see the people all heading to that shop? Nah, i tell you first what is most appealling about this shop: You can eat all you want and all you can before you make final decision which one to buy- FOR FREE..saya apa lagi, semua saya pigi makan. Ibu mengandung la katakan. Makanan ringan yang dijual dalam kedai tu semua menepati citarasa tekak saya..wuahaha! Paling best, bila habis ja tu tester dalam kontena, the staff will keep re-filling tu kontena. Sampai saya dan kawan2 kenyang o, baru kami beli apa yang kami mau. A must re-visit place if i go there again. :)

Part of the tid-bits sold..there got dried cuttlefish, fish, peanut, etc. Saya paling suka tu sotong kering dengan cili..sedap yummy yummy..balik2 sa pigi sebelah sana. The ladies in red are the staff there, re-filling the tester container everytime it finish. And good thing, they wouldn't stare or get mad at you just because you berabis makan tu tester.

More tid-bits..feel like wanna go there right now and have some of them..(drooling sdh sy oo..haha!)

I didn't go up to Genting Highland and not excited to ride the cable car also because i already been there once in 2008. But somehow, i took photo of it la..
A piece of memory..back in 2008 while attending a seminar at Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), photo taken by Ms. NancyPeter of Life's A Beach Sometimes, at the SkyWay Genting Car Park with the superfriendly monkeys.
Tried to search our picture inside the cable car but couldn't find the folder in my laptop.

That's all for now. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can u see the 'balls'?

Hehe..yesterday evening after work, i went for baby scanning at a clinic nearby quarters. I was eager to know my baby's gender since i came back from the two weeks course at Institut Aminuddin Baki, Genting Highland.

So, we went..

At first tu doktor tengok2 dulu and print tu baby picture. Then, dia pusing tu skrin computer bagi saya tengok pula,,huhu..nampak la tu baby bergerak2. Doktor bagi tengok bahagian kaki, tangan, kepala, jantung..

then i ask the doctor pula,

'boleh nampak ka jantina dia?

'Boleh..sebenarnya saya sudah nampak tadi. Mari kita cari2 lagi ..' (haha..mcm cari barang tersembunyi pula).

Mata saya pun nda berkelip sudah mencari, ikut tu scanner..

'nah, can u see the 'balls'? bilang tu doktor.

'Macam si Daniel juga ni'..dia bilang lg.

Saya pun tingu la betul2..memang saya nampak ada bayangan bulat2 di celah kaki baby..but honestly, saya pun nda pasti.

Then, doktor kasi tingu lagi,

'nah, yang ini pula dia punya 'batang'..dia bilang.

saya tingu lagi betul2, memang mcm nampak ada satu benda panjang dan cute dekat2 tu balls..

duh, dalam hati saya, mcm konfirm ja baby boy lagi ni..

sedih satu minit ja la..then saya cepat2 cakap dengan doktor,

'nda pa la, yang penting si baby sihat2 di dalam'.

pas tu, doktor pun cakap,

'ada la kawan Daniel nanti ni main bola'. Nda pa, nda la membazir barang mainan Daniel kan?

Ya, doktor. Baju2 pun boleh la si adik pakai..sambil saya senyum2 membalas kata2 doktor tu..(mcm tau2 ja doktor tu yang saya mau baby girl kan?).

Honestly, saya tidak la sedih sangat kalau memang baby boy lagi..Lepas tengok baby di screen tu dan nampak jantina baby, trus otak saya ligat mencari nama baby sudah.

Kalau yang Yong2 Daniel Jeconiah, adik dia?..hmmm..mau fikir2 sudah nama2 yang ada iras2 nama Yong2 juga..thinking and thinking..nda sabar sudah baby keluar pula ni..sebab saya dah plan yang saya mau cuti 3 bulan full! Yeah..hehe!

Sebenarnya ada dua picture baby yang kena print tapi tiada pula bawa di ofis. Nanti la sia kasi share2 ya..:p.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leaving Genting 2mrw to be with hubby and son again. Yipee!

Today is last the last day of our long course here in IAB..punya la lega rasanya..hari ni si baby dalam perut pun diam2 ja.

Tidak la mcm hari2 sebelumnya selama 2 minggu di sini..asyik tendang-tendang perut mummy saja. Memang betul la, emosi ibu akan mempengaruhi emosi si baby dalam perut juga. Kalau ibu tension, si baby pun ikut tension juga, tu la pasal asyik tendang2 saja tu.

Hari ini, ketensionan tu dah turun sebab tak perlu kuliah lagi. Esok pagi adalah exam, tapi saya malas mau fikir, susah2 hati. Jawab saja la mana yang dapat.

Tu s/u kursus kami cakap konfirm boleh jawab and lulus..Nanti la malam baru belek2 tu nota-nota. Kejap lagi mau keluar dengan kawan-kawan pigi makan tomyam sana Gohtong. Bosan sudah makanan di cafe sini.

Tapi sebelum tu, saya kasi tingu dulu tu tangga tinggi yang hari-hari kawan-kawan saya naik dari asrama IAB ke bilik kuliah.

Dikenali sebagai 'tangga sihat' di kalangan staff IAB. Terdapat 177 anak tangga untuk sampai ke atas. Nasib la saya pregnant dan ada kawan yang baru dikenali juga, sudi tumpangkan saya setiap hari dengan sorang lagi kawan yang juga pregnant..lepas kuliah mau balik asrama, kalau rajin saya turun la ikut tangga ni, tapi kalau terlampau penat sudah, tumpang lagi kereta kawan..penat o naik ni tangga. Hari pertama tu memang saya naik ni tangga, sebab belum kenal kawan. Ada la dalam 15 minutes baru sampai atas, sebab 5/6 kali berhenti tengah jalan. Kalau saya nda pregnant, nda kesah juga naik ni tangga. Ada kawan yang kursus sama first batch siap kaji jumlah anak tangga yang dinaiki selama 16 hari berada di sini..ya la, bayangkan dalam sehari, naik 2 kali, turun 2 kali. Kalau tambah jadi 4 kali la kiranya guna ni tangga dalam sehari. pas tu darab dengan 4 x 177 = 7,128 anak tangga dinaiki dalam 16 hari. Boleh kurus oo..


hehe..sambung lagi post ni..baru balik dari makan tom yam dengan kawan-kawan. Rasa puas juga la sebab dari awal datang sini memang teringin nak makan tom yam. Tapi tidak puas hati sangat sebab tom yam seafood yang saya bayangkan tidak sama seperti yang dihidang. Kalau di Johor, tom yam sea food memang puas hati sangat makan sebab dalam tom yam tu ada ketam seekor, ada kupang, ada udang masih dengan kepalanya, sotong dan isi ikan. Tapi yang tadi teda..huhu! nda pa la sebab yang penting termakan sudah. Kawan-kawan cakap, sini genting tanah tinggi, tu ketam sama tu kupang nda larat mau naik..haha! Ada-ada ja.

Okay la, sekarang ni mau kemas beg sudah..nda sabar sudah betul mau balik Sabah. Rasanya cukup lama sudah berada di sini. Terbayang-bayang sudah saya besok tarik2 beg di airport mau balik Sabah..haha!

Okay la, till then ya.:)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello From Genting Highlands!

Its a long rest from blogging and only now i feel ease to write something here. Maybe blogger friends already forgotten me..;) Harap-harap masih ada yang ingat saya la kan..

The course that attend here in Institut Aminudin Baki (IAB) is almost coming to the end. Another 4 days to go..yepss..i'm counting..since the first day i came here..

Semangat mau berkursus pun hampir-hampir mau hilang sudah. Too tired physically and mental juga..tambahan lagi dengan membawa si baby dalam perut turun naik kelas..penat oo..apatah lagi sekarang ni, kerap sangat si baby bergerak. Kadang2 macam terasa sakit perut saya ni ditendang2 dari dalam. Lama sangat duduk kan dalam sehari, agaknya dia tak selesa. Time baring2 ja dia diam sikit.

Cerita tentang kursus lagi, dua tugasan penting sudah selesai setakat ini.

Tugasan individu, sudah siap sejak semalam. Sengaja nda mau print dulu sebab kawan2 baik saya belum siap.

Ini la ini kan, mau tunggu kawan juga. Tapi nda pa ba, yang penting sudah siap sebab saya start awal kumpul bahan dan taip contents pun awal. Kawan2 yang lain pula baru mau pening kepala fikir. Padahal besok lusa mau antar sudah..tapi lagi, nda pa ba tu, saya tau diorang akan siap juga itu. Mesti la kasi siap, kalau tidak, tiada markah. Silap-silap kena ulang course ni. Nda ka bikin malu tu..pensyarah kena ulang kursus KIPA..

Tugasan kumpulan pun sudah dibentangkan petang tadi. Maka itulah malam ni otak saya free sikit..ada semangat sikit mau update blog..:)

Eh, ya kan..saya nda bagitau pula kursus KIPA ni apa..

Nama penuh : Kursus Kepimpinan Instruksional dan Pembangunan Andragogi.

Kursus ni khusus untuk pensyarah politeknik yang tiada kelulusan ikhtisas aka ijazah atau diploma pendidikan. Macam saya la ini dan kebanyakan pensyarah politeknik di Malaysia.
Mengikut maklumat penceramah tu, kalau yang KPLI(Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah) tu, kursus ni diambil selama setahun. Kami pula hanya 2 minggu. Dan bayangkan kepadatan jadual dan kepadatan ilmu juga yang dicurahkan kepada kami. Sampai ada penceramah yang beri kuliah macam keretapi semata-mata mengejar masa untuk memberi input sebanyak mana yang dapat.

Kami yang mendengar?

Macam mau muntah sudah, setengah jam pertama kuliah otak sudah melimpah-limpah maklumat masuk. Terpaksa juga terima sebab memang penting2 semua topik yang dikuliahkan. hampir 2 minggu sudah begini, nasib otak nda pecah..

Yang bagusnya pula, 95% kuliah disampaikan dengan begitu berkesan, sesuai dengan pendekatan andragogi, penglibatan peserta kursus sangat aktif. Pensyarah2 di sini memang profesional dan berpengalaman serta menguasai bidang masing-masing. Manakan tidak, semuanya adalah cikgu-cikgu daripada sekolah yang berpengalaman bertahun-tahun. Mereka memohon menjadi pensyarah IAB, pas tu mengajar cikgu2, pengetua-pengetua, kakitangan sekolah bukan mengajar dan juga pensyarah2 macam kami. Kalau warga sekolah tu, memang tidak asing la nama IAB ni.

Tadi kami sempat meninjau-ninjau carta organisasi di papan kenyataan berdekatan bilik kuliah,ternyata semua pensyarah di sini bertitle 'pensyarah kanan'..huh, patut la semuanya nampak hebat belaka. Bolehkah saya jadi sehebat mereka nanti? Uisehh..soalan tu ba,..haha! Mudah-mudahan. Apa yang penting, kenalah komited dengan tanggungjawab mengajar dan di samping tu menjalankan tugas2 pengurusan juga dengan penuh dedikasi..Cewah..!:)
Kesimpulannya, walau pun belum habis, kursus ni memang menyuntik semangat yang sangat banyak kepada diri saya. Saya paling menghargai topik2 tentang strategi pengajaran dan pembelajaran, pengurusan disiplin pelajar, nilai2 murni penjawat awam dan psikologi pendidikan. Banyak yang boleh diaplikasikan bila balik ofis nanti.

Ok la, cukup dulu setakat ni. Kalau rajin update esok, mau tayang2 gambar kami di Strawberry Farm pula. Mau upload sekarang tapi penat pula perut saya duduk lama2 ni.

So, till then.;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kaamatan Festival Holiday

I'm in the mood of holiday already. Starting tommorrow untill 3rd June 2011. Lama kan? Hehehe..sekali sekala ba and banyak aktiviti juga mau buat cuti2 ni.

The first thing, will be busy helping MIL family preparing for my Sister -In- Law wedding this coming Sunday. But, i guess i'll be busy 'watching only' cause i easily get tired now..teda la mau pigi menyibuk sangat buat kerja ni nanti. Mau dapat pengecualian ni, mau tidur saja lagi tu. Si baby dalam perut start kicking already and i can feel which direction the baby goes everytime she/he moves. Siok! :)

Yong2 was funny last night. We were sitting next to each other watching tv. Suddenly he asked: 'Mummy, ada bola ka dalam perut mummy?

'..hahaa..whereas he knows already there is a baby inside my growing belly.

There was one time he talked to me,

'Mummy, lambat betul baby keluar kan mummy?'

hmm..i guess, tidak sabar sudah kali dia ada kawan main and belai-belai baby. From my observation, he likes baby. If there is baby around, he will insist to hold the baby even baby belongs to stranger..bagus juga la, maksudnya dia boleh terima kehadiran adik dia ni nanti kan..:)

Its 5 minutes to 5pm..sioknya, kejap lagi saya akan lupa sekejap 'office things' sampai la 3hb june. But bad news nanti saya kena kursus 17 hari di genting highlands till 21 June. aiyoyo..almost half month o.

Without hubby and Yong2 again..Berat rasa hati mau pigi kursus lama2 tapi demi kerjaya, kena juga..sooner or later kena pigi juga. kalau baby no 2 ni lahir lagi la berat rasa hati mau pigi..huhu..

Anyway, wish me luck ya!

And, i wish everyone 'selamat menyambut pesta kaamatan. Peringatan: Don't Drink and Drive!:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Down.

I don't like this feeling. Though i am smart enough to hide it from everyone around me but, inside i'm crying. I hate it, really!

Well, i think that it shouldn't be as complicated as this if you respons to me positively at the first time. But you didn't. You let my feeling drown with dissapointment until i couldn't bear it any longer.

Is it to difficult to handle me? some more in my condition right now. You never understand, a woman need to be persuaded whenever she is sulking. Easy right?

See what happen when you keep your EGO maintain? World is made two for us. One is yours and one is mine. I am sure, neither your or me like it.

You say, you are going to be crazy of this, but i tell you, you are the one who made it this worst.

Not me.

You want it this way, you get exactly like this. Satisfy now? I hope you do.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Borneo Blog Shop

Bah Nc, sia pun menjoinkan diri sudah..Si cath cepat betul tag sia ni..thank you kepadamu, Cath..hehe!

Dalam banyak2 contest ni la first contest yang saya join..hehe..macam si Cath juga, bukannya mau menang juga ni, cuma sebagai tanda sokongan kepada The Borneo Blog Shop milik Nc..sukung kawan ba ni..kebetulan sekarang free. P&P belum mula lagi kan..:)..senyum lagi..time-time preggy ni mau senyum banyak2 ni supaya baby pun suka senyum nanti..:)

Nah, Ini dia banner The Borneo Blog Shop:

Create your own banner at!

Tengah tunggu juga items yang menarik minat saya ni untuk di shopping online sana kedai si Nc. Semoga terus maju ke hadapan ka Nc!

Siapa sia mau tag?

Fantastic Ajane - sebab dia pun rajin ikut contest ni..) hehe

siapa lagi a?

Ameesheeba Lister. - siou saya nda pasti url blog ko. Sia inform ko di FB ja ya..

hmm..dua ja la kali. sebab yang lain2 dalam list saya tu mcm nda berminat.

19 Weeks - we are doing great.

Thanks God, i am doing fine in my 19th weeks of pregnancy except for my HB climbdown.

Monthly review, Monday, 16th May 2011.

My HB is as low as 9.8 seja..aduii..susah betul mau maintain HB ni tau. Padahal saya makan sudah iron tablet, and semua makanan yang ada zat besi.. a bit frust actually. nasib la saya nda kena suruh jumpa doktor seminggu sekali untuk cek HB.

Berat pula, sudah naik dari 48kg to 51kg. Patut la sesak sudah nafas sia kalau mau is getting bigger!

First review with doctor and scan baby, 18th May 2011.

Saya harap2 tu doktor friendly and boleh bagitau gender si baby tanpa ditanya. Tapi, doktor tu kurang bercakap. Saya pula, macam biasa tanya itu ini, tapi doktor jawab sepatah ja.

First question keluar dari mulut sia bila tu scanner sudah berjalan-jalan di atas perut sy ialah

'boleh nampak jantina ka doktor?

Si doktor jawab nda jelas. Saya pun tidak pasti apa tu perkataan dia cakap.

Next question saya tanya:

'Baby saya satu orang saja ba kan dok?

Doktor tersengih,

'satu orang saja ba.'

hihi..jawapan doktor tu telah menamatkan teka teki yang bermain di fikiran selama ni. Teka teki apa pula tu?

Okay, sebenarnya, saya teringin mengandungkan anak twins ba. My father-in-law twins, my brother-in-law pun twins juga.

Jadi, ada ka peluang saya untuk dapat anak twins tu a? Hehe..

Kali ini, sudah pasti bukan twins la. Eisehh..kali ini kunu. Tidak tau ada lagi ka lain kali ni..just wait and see la kan..kalau larat lagi menambah ..:)