Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nancy's Kitchen

Last two weeks hubby visited me and Yong2 in Johor. He took 3 days leave from work. That was the third times he came here for us.

And This time i decided to bring him jalan-jalan to Malacca-the historical state. The nearest state to Johor.

Unfortunately, pictures are not available coz :

1. i forgot to check my camera's battery before leaving. So, when i wanted to take pictures, found out that battery was out.

2. My brother took pictures using his Sony HandyCam but when transferred to laptop all blurry. Tried to save all of it by editing it but not work. Dun know why. may the camera is wrongly set.

3. We also took pictures using Sony Erickson handphones but when i wanna transfer the pictures to my lappy, 'device can not be detected' status appeared. Duhh..teda rezeki my hubby mau tayang2 dia sudah pigi Malacca. Haha!

Buuut...i have surprise though, for Nancy. Ada juga gambar yang terselamat.

Here is for you

Tadaaa!! Sia jumpa restoran atas nama ko Nc. hehe..tapi sia nda makan situ. Tempat len kami makan. Ni di Jonker Street ni.

And this; holding the saman from Majlis Bandaraya Melaka because we didn't display the parking card properly in the car. Its worth RM30 but paid rm5 only because i paid right after i got it. So geram, the clerk at the counter did not told us that we should display it. Haizz! Nasib dapat diskaun sebab bayar cepat2.

P/s: This post should be posted yesterday but postponed today due to very bad internet connection.