Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Pay and me gone lazy

Hehehhee..(BIIG grin)..! is pay day for government servants. I got my first pay as 'cikgu' in Polytechnic. Everyone's saying..'wah, mesti ribu2 gaji ko kan, 3 bulan punya gaji'.

Yes, all of them were right. I got a big number debited (ka credited? - lupa mana satu pla) in my account today and within one hour the total becomes as little as my one month pay. Almost 3 months without pay, the total of 'liability' is equal to the total of gaji i got la ni kerajaan ni, kalau baru masuk kja, nda da la gaji tu 2 bulan. The system that i don't really agree but still gratefull coz i got it eventually.

Teacher gone lazy and crazy

Pssstt..wanna tell u something but don't tell anybody student for Tourism Malaysia suppossed to do two presentations today. But, in my surprise when everything was set up -lap top and lcd projector - the students told me that they don't know that they suppose to present today...grrrrrr....mau marah ka tidak? Surprisingly, i didn't show them that i got mad. like i always do when student don't do the task given. So, what i did was i asked them to switch on the television (the room that i used is a mock office set up like a hotel lobby, equipped with a tv) and we watch the 'Identity' program together! Nah, nasib teda cikgu2 lain masuk itu bilik. I realized that i didn't get mad because i got my pay today.

Well, as a good teacher i should have back up such as article to be given to student or do revision since they first plan cancelled, but i'm just too lazy to teach today. And i don't regret what i did..

For all government servants outhere, HAPPY PAY DAY ya!!!(*_^).