Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Elephant

What do you think the baby elephant feels in the picture below?

happy elephant!

Thats exactly what i feel right now. HAPPY!!!! Just like the happy elephant above.


I'm counting the time to fly back to Sabah. TODAY.


Will be departing from Pasir Gudang to Senai Airport at 3pm.

Can't wait. But i know my excitement will be soon doubled. (Jumpa hubby and baby, mesti la kan)

And this will be my last entry till i connected to the internet again. Perhaps one week from. Still at the office ni. Gatal2 sudah punggung ni mau jalan cepat2 pigi airport..hihi..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Its raining outside right now. Hmmm..what a coincidence!

Today the same time and day, 2 years ago, was my wedding day. Its the same situation. Still fresh in my memory the nervousness i felt because of the rain. How if the rain doesn't stop? is he already reached church or still on the way?

At that time, i was ready for our matrimonial ceremony scheduled at All the worries gone when somebody inform us that my hubby's side (all the way from KK to Kudat) was about arriving at the church. They have to stop (because of the rain) at my uncle's house located on the way up to the church (FYI, our kampung's church is on the top of a small hill. There is a road to the church but it is not accessible by small vehicle at that time - till now).

So, there is no choice other than to climb up the hill. Sian kan, pengantin pun kena jalan kaki ni..But, that was for hubby. Sian hubby. From KK pakai wira ja kan..nda boleh naik jalan bukit yang buruk jalan.

For me, hehee...uncle's car -frontier / DMX? (can't remember.) was specially provided to transport me to the church. Kereta ni kuat kan, jalan gravel dan buruk pun boleh saja. Yang penting pengantin sampai church. Thanks ya uncle Nonong!

That was our story 2 years ago. already the 2nd year of our marriage. Its more meaningful this year with the presence of our little prince 1 year old Daniel Jeconiah @ Yong Yong, who have brings lots of joys and happiness to both of us and families.

Especially to you My Dear Hubby..

When i found you
i gained the finest prize
a companion to share life's joys
a friend who lightens burdens
whose company is always a comfort

when i found you
u embraced the love i had dreamed of
the source of endless pleasure
and memories to treasure!

Today is our 2nd Anniversary.
2 years ago it marks the day when we both said " I Do'.
The two of us become as one.
Now time has passed, our love is strong.
We have passed so many tests and
i hope..
we will realize our love each other more than ever
may each year keep getting better!


Monday, May 25, 2009

How dare you hubby!

I was in a friend's wedding party with my mum, my dad and my brother. My hubby was working at that time, that's why i go with my family. In my surprise, i saw my hubby was eating a bowl of ABC in between of the crowd. Wasn't he supposed to be at work at this time? I wondered. He noticed me but he acted like he don't know me and kept busy with his ABC. I walked straight toward him but he still acted like i was not there. When i was almost near, suddenly a girl approaching him and come closer to him. That girl seems like whispering something to my hubby. They face were so closed to each other and i guess that girl's lips almost touching my hubby's cheek. Oh God, what was happening there? My step stopped and my heart beat goes faster. I couldn't believe what i saw just now! My hubby don't even noticed my presence.

I manage to hold my tears to drop and made my way to get out from the crowd. How dare my hubby do this me? I cry and cry and cry and cry.....till...

Adedeh..sia bermimpi rupanya!

Nasib la sa mimpi saja. Can't imagine if that really happen to me and hubby oo..

I think that is the result if we think too much of something kan..

Tommorrow is our BIG day actually. Our 2nd Anniversary....ngngngng..(crying) sad, i am here and hubby is there..(sigh)..

Thinking : what to give my hubby this time?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Langadon Oku Diolo

* A Dusun song which is sung by Jenilin Jane. Nice voice!

The song tells exactly how i feel right now. Longing hubby and son and everyone i love back home - Sabah.

*Sesiapa nak ikut nyanyi, this is F.O.C..Silakan saja..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Think Positive / Richly Blessed

I've been thinking hard on what to write as an entry today since arrived at office this morning. I always wanted to write something inspirational thought to share with anyone who stumble upon my blog. A blog that very humble and could be at the last ranking if there are ever blog ranking in the blogs world. But i don't really care since this blog is my perfect avenue to share my journey as a woman, wife and mom, and friend to those can accept as who i am...yewww..sounds boring right?..kadang2 otak sa jadi 'blue'...

So, here it is. I give it 'Think Positive / Richly Blessed' as title as it reflects things that i've gone through so far and how i face and handle it.

Recalling my first day in Politeknik Johor Bahru aka PJB untill now made me think that 'Oh, actually, its not a big matter at all'. I mean, through all the conflicts i face here namely homesick, seniors staff first impression toward me (and the other new lects too), food and so forth..After one phase, i started to tell myself that whatever happen 'THINK POSITIVE'.

Yes, THINK POSITIVE. And the result? I managed to get rid all the negative energy that have been reside in me eversince i first step my foot in this land.

The key is, when other people keep complaining this and that been wrong, me, in contrary try to look at the thing in the positive angle. Its work. I find serenity at every tough situation everytime i THINK POSITIVE. Of course myself effort alone is not make it, but God's hand and blessed came along.

Not long after that, i feel that my life here is RICHLY BLESSED when many positive things come along. I truly conscious that LORD is working in my life. I also realized that i've been ignoring HIM for sometimes as i focus too much on the negative side happening to me couple of months ago.

I'll keep thinking positive to receive more blessing from GOD.

So, to all, Happy Weekend. May God grants you strength to THINK POSITIVE to every negative occurance in your life.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1, 2, 3,..etc..

1. I hate working now. No more class as this week is study week. Will be busy 2morrow. Kunu la. Polytechnic Johor Bahru 11th Convo.

2. I miss home again. Hometown. Yong2.Hubby. Arggghhh...!!!

3. Terrified with the news told by our neighbour early morning today. Robbery at the TASKA nearby our rented house. The robbers took with them 3 / 4 PCs and printers.

4. Just not very comfortable with some people who are too childish. I mean when come ghost thingy, there are too 'penakut'. I mean hey! Come On! You have GOD that you can depends on. If you believe that there are ghost in your house waiting to munch you anytime, where is the place of GOD instead? You believe ghost more than your God meh?..Think about it.

A post that is nothing to do with the title. Ntah la, today feel so boring after came back from the convo rehearsal dis morning.

I just...wanna go home and be with hubby and son.

Monday, May 11, 2009

To all Mothers - JUST A JOKES!

To mothers who are reading this post: Please do not be get offended ya!

It is a message from a friend on Mother's Day, sent to me yesterday.


Its normal when you look in 20s,
u'll look very 'MENGANCAM'

When you're in year 30s, you begin to behave 'BERMACAM-MACAM'

When you turn 40s-50s, you'll feel 'TERANCAM'

and SADLY....

When you reach 60s above, orang langsung tak boleh 'CAM'!

Anyway, hope we'll all maintain 'MENGANCAM'.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This Mother's Day..

I would like to wish all mothers out there and me myself:


Specially to my mum and mum in-law, even though there are not reading this;

Your love and care, i hold dear in my heart. May God Bless.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i'm back

arghhh...tension early morning!

This is what i don't like after coming back from leave. A lot of postponed tasks waiting to be settled. Marking tests and assignment, update attendance and blablabla..dateline is this Friday. boring! but what to do, mau cari makan, kena karaja, kena rajin..or else teda makan!

Anyway, i'm back to work. A lot of things to share especially about my son - Daniel Yong2 (i miss him already!). Will post about it when i'm free.