Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am going camping!

2nd October 2009, Friday, 8am.

Yupp..i'm going to Endau Rompin State Park this friday for 3D2N campsite stay. The Park is the 2nd largest national park in West Malaysia. Located in the midst of Johor and Pahang, covering 80,000 hectares of virgin jungle.

The trip is organized by Kelab Pelancongan Jabatan Hospitaliti, PJB and me and a friend have been selected as 'pensyarah pengiring' for the trip.

I searched through the internet regarding the park and yes i found so many info. Well, the organizer do provide the itinerary but i want a short glimpse of what and how things are waiting us there.

Basically, from PJB heading to Kluang by PJB bus, then 3 hours ride of van or 4WD to go to the jetty, an hour boat ride to get to the main entrance before trekking to the campsite...huh..memang adventure la kali ni..and nda sabarnya sia..
At the top of my camping checklist now is a CAMERA!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick and Homesick

I am now Sick and homesick.
That's the two words that probably the best to translate my self right now.

My taste buds are not well functioning since yesterday...so, i just had these as my dinner today..

Plain soup of Mee Hoon, cabbage, fishcakes and fishballs (prepare it by myself)
Tapi itu pun nda habis makan..

Grapes (bought from Econsave Supermarket)
Feel hungry right now, but no apettite to take food at this moment. Hope to be better by tommorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blessed Monday to ALL!

One more week to go. For the Muslim, they should be happy now as their fasting month will be ended very very soon and celebrating Hari Raya for another one month. Two of my muslim's friends say 'dugaan makin hebat bila dah nak hujung2 puasa'..hmm..not sure how truth it is since i do not fasting..

I'm not muslim and not fasting but still can't wait for the cuti raya to come. Yeaah..wanna go back home this Friday till 27th September..Nah, kalah2 orang yang mau beraya..my dear brother said last night, better i buy a plane since i going back to Sabah frequently..hahahaha!

Oh yea..juz can't keep it to myself, i passed the 'Ujian Undang2' last Saturday. 42/50..Lucky me! So i guess, there will be no problem after this especially the JPJ test..still far to go to that level though. I can only continue after the raya holiday..

This week, semester break begins for the Semester 1 students. I will be free the whole week since most of the classes i teach are semester 1 class..Yeaayy..!


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yiihaaa!! sambil lompat lompat ni di bilik + senyum2 mms dengan hubby..

Ngeee..i just can't keep it to myself..mau juga bagitau satu dunia ni..hehe..I've done the first step in the list in my MISSION to get driving license this year. Sioknyaaa..
I'll sit for the 'Exam Undang2' on 12th September next week..huhu..hopefully saya lulus!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deleted comments in Fb

Last nite i deleted tw0 comments on my status in my FB account..its because i feel offended with their comments..

Its not a big matter though but i dont like to see the comments everytime i go to my fb profile..i'm very particular about how people use their ability to speak fluently and write neatly in any language..speak only nice words and write only neat words!

Nevertheless, when come to expressing something its better to think twice which word is the most appropriate to use..Like my FB status last night..'listening to sabah vfm'..a friend comment 'kasian..dengar lagu sabah saja la khaaann..'. Kan bagus kalau dia cakap 'siok kan ada technology sekarang, mana2 ja kita berada pun buli dengar lagu Dusun'..I really offended! Macam menyindir saya saja ni..i think many times either delete it or leave it there but finally i deleted it.
I know, she wanted to show she is concern and sympathy to my situation now but sorry i just cant accept the way she did it....tak tau macam mana mau explain tapi memang tidak sesuai di hati saya cara dia cakap..macam yang saya suka pula jauh2 dari hubby sama anak sa..eeeii..entah la, geram pula bila saya ingat balik..

The 2nd comment deleted because she started her sentence with 'bogima..' (oops hey,,its not the p****a word okay..) it is in Rungus languange which means almost similar with 'kasian (kasihan)'..i also don't like it..so i deleted it too la..
Really sorry to 'them' because your comments were deleted. I'm not begging for people to 'kasian' me. I prefer support..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A late night update. Have done the housekeeping in my room and also ironing my working attire for tommorrow..sleepy now, but feel like wanna update my blog. So here it is.
Only now have the chance to surf the net freely..blog hopping, reading and leaving comments on some friend's blog..checking facebook too.
Last night, the internet connection was terrible. While today at office, time was just not permitted me sit down and relax..classses, students problem to attend, late student registration to handle and bla bla bla..nevertheless..i am happy though. For the things that just passed. Its good to always remind ourselves TO BE GRATEFUL and FEEL GOOD for whatever things we have gone through for the day, neither good or bad..it makes me SMILE right now. I know GOD is happy too seeing me in this way..
Leaving all the worries behind are almost impossible if you are a type of person that easily be carried away by it..i experienced it too..its okay if you give yourself a time to be carried away but make sure after certain level be conscious and straight away think of positive things..remember GOD. Remember HIS word 'segala sesuatu ada waktunya'..so i think its not wrong if we sometimes say bad words, do wrong things,moody or just gone crazy even over a small things, right? Hahaha..don't be annoyed readers, its the only things running through my head right now..okay, okay..enough with all those pointless thought.

Now, its about my holiday last week back there in Sabah. I had a good time with hubby and son. Had a quality time with them.PERFECT ONE. In particular.

The two VVIPs in my life. My Dear Hubby and My Beloved Son.
Always missing their smile..
Can't wait to be with them again two weeks from now.