Monday, May 25, 2009

How dare you hubby!

I was in a friend's wedding party with my mum, my dad and my brother. My hubby was working at that time, that's why i go with my family. In my surprise, i saw my hubby was eating a bowl of ABC in between of the crowd. Wasn't he supposed to be at work at this time? I wondered. He noticed me but he acted like he don't know me and kept busy with his ABC. I walked straight toward him but he still acted like i was not there. When i was almost near, suddenly a girl approaching him and come closer to him. That girl seems like whispering something to my hubby. They face were so closed to each other and i guess that girl's lips almost touching my hubby's cheek. Oh God, what was happening there? My step stopped and my heart beat goes faster. I couldn't believe what i saw just now! My hubby don't even noticed my presence.

I manage to hold my tears to drop and made my way to get out from the crowd. How dare my hubby do this me? I cry and cry and cry and cry.....till...

Adedeh..sia bermimpi rupanya!

Nasib la sa mimpi saja. Can't imagine if that really happen to me and hubby oo..

I think that is the result if we think too much of something kan..

Tommorrow is our BIG day actually. Our 2nd Anniversary....ngngngng..(crying) sad, i am here and hubby is there..(sigh)..

Thinking : what to give my hubby this time?