Thursday, February 23, 2012

Netball and me

What's your favorite schooltime game and you were very good playing it?
Its not me really but i can do something like that in the picture.

Why i love playing netball?
Because the game's rule is very brief. Plus, i have a good talent in jumping as high as i can to catch the ball before the opponent get it..sepa mau cuba?hehhee.. 

(Source of Pict: Mr Google).

The netball court.
GK = Goal Keeper
GS= Goal Shooter
GA= Goal attack
GD= Goal Defender
WD = Wing Defender
WA= Wing Attack

Above is the full name of each symbol in the court. I played almost all positions but i am very good at keeping the goal safe from the opponent goal shooter..
hmm..hmm..why all of sudden i talk about netball ni a?
Because yesterday, i had a great game (organized by the administration unit and my department was invited to join) for the first time ever after almost 27 years i leave school. 27 years tuu...i last played in 2006 in the district level as a school representative.
Penat, and lama sudah tidak lompat2 oo..Masih lenguh2 kaki-kakiku ini.
Rupa-rupanya badan ni tidak lagi sekuat dan se-'fit'dulu. (well, lama sudah sedar tapi semangat kesukanan tu masih bersisa di jiwa ba..cehh kunu!)

After this..i guess there will be more games since the first game was a success to our department (for your info, selama ni jabatan saya nda pernah join match yang jabatan lain buat sebab tidak cukup players)
..and to be added into the resume..
main futsal...
hahaha..ini kali la nda pernah main futsal..tiba2 kena jemput main lagi..haha!
Tapi, nampaknya perkataan 'tidak pernah' itu akan berubah status.
Everything has a beginning ba kan..:)