Sunday, March 22, 2009

The moment that was

Hehehe..2 entries in one day. Just now, i checked my laptop's drive D and found a folder of my studio wedding pictures.Looking at each of them, my mind suddenly re-calling the moment of truth we had 3 years ago. There are pictures that i like the most and feeling like to share it here. Here they go:

The white gown..

The Blue Gown

Edited by me using Adobe Photoshop

This one, in Chinese costume i feel like 'auntie2..but stil nice. hehe..

Don't really like the gown but the hair do is nice. It looks naturally wavy.

In Rungus traditional costume

All the pictures above taken by Mr Boniface, Owner of the Millenium Video Production, Buhavan Square, Donggongon Penampang. Package price was very reasonable and affordable, yet guaranteed quality of pictures. (Promote sikit..) Just ask me if anyone interested.

Mine was only RM1500 includes 2 big hard cover albums, Big framed pictures (forgot the measurement), for reception display, 2 bride's gowns with accessories, 2 male's coats, bible boy vest, car decoration, outdoor picture (place of your choice). Invitation card is not included because i did my own design.

However, i do not update myself with his new rate since last year, where my cousin also took his studio wedding picture there.

Missing him..

Happy 11th Months YongYong! Mummy will see you soon! Muaahh!!

Right now, i miss my SON VERY MUCH!

He's turning 11 months, TODAY. Since i've been away from him for about 42 days, I can't tell how much i miss him! I call Yong2 almost every day eventhough he doesn't know how to speak yet but at least he listens to my voice and recognize it as his mum's voice. Sometimes i have this fear that, Yong2 will not recognize me as his mum - he's so close to his grandma already by now eversince i left him last month. So sad.

Hubby says, Yong2 now can stand up by his own and can walk 2-3 steps before he falls. Feel very bad also because i couldn't witness his first step! He drinks plenty of milk and becomes a big eater as well which i'm so glad to hear that.

Last night i dreamt, he's sick. I rang my hubby immediately after i woke up. He said, Yong2 is doing good. I did told hubby 'bout my dream. He said maybe because i think too much of Yong2. Yes, i do think of Yong2 every minute! What else i can do, right?

Eventhough hubby says that Yong2 is doing good, but my mum 's instinct says that he's not. I feel that he purposely lied to me so that i will not worry too much. Oh GOD, please grant me a STRENGTH so that i can go through another month till the date i going back to Sabah!

In the other sides, its a good thing my weekend is busy, so that i keep my hands and mind occupied, at least the day time.