Monday, January 12, 2009

What should i do?

What a surprise to me! Arrggghhh...why?why?..

Today, with the spirit of 'yeayy mau balik sudah' as the clock is almost turning to 5.30pm..Christ (our office receptionist) gave me an envelope sent through POS LAJU from KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI MALAYSIA. i didn't expect anything that will surprise me because i'm sure that the letter is only a notification that i failed my interview. Well, actually last December, i attended an interview for a post of lecturer in Kolej Politeknik(i acknowledged that i will be posted to any polytechnic college in Malaysia). The interview was 's***' because one of the interviewer was a lady and were moody and i hundred percent confident that i failed.
But, guess what? wowoww..the letter in my hand stated this "ARAHAN MELAPOR DIRI BAGI JAWATAN TETAP PEGAWAI PENDIDIKAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI GRED DH41". Melapor diri pada 15hb Januari 2009 di Politeknik belum habis fikir..mau pigi atau tidak...Perasaan sa tidak tentu arah sekarang ...haven't told my hubby yet...arghh..will think of this offer on the way home..and give my final decision baby..what to do? arggh....