Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mix up mind = mix up entries

I went to the PJB Dewan Besar, just wanted to have a peek on whats going on there. The Closing Ceremony of the new students Orientation Week.

I felt touched when looking at the new faces that for sure some of them will be my students starting next week.

I exactly knew what they were feeling. Just like what i felt back in year 1999.

Yup, if i'm not mistaken the registration date was on 26 June 1999, Likas Campus.

Came for registration to University Malaysia Sabah aka UMS with my big big size green baju kurung. Felt very shamed and isolated because did not know anyone and almost joining back my family to go back to Kudat, my hometown after registered.

I was lucky indeed because almost the whole family sent me over all the way from Kudat to Kota Kinabalu for the registration. My father rented a van owned by our relative since we had no car at that time. The same scenario here. Their parents, brothers and sisters came along.

On that day, came together was my mum, my youngest sister and my youngest brother who was pee almost 5 times along the way and the van driver have to stop nearby people house so my brother can borrow their toilet.

While for me, there were a lot of things going on my mind along the way. One of the question was: will i survive?..this question came up considering that i never been separated from my family.

I went back to kampung almost every weekend since i can't stand being away from family too long. My expenses going up but i didn't care as long as i can meet my family.
Weekend=balik kampung.
It was my routine for months till my brother who was sponsoring me before i got my loan complaining about my expenses..but eventually i managed to get used to the new life.

Well, whatever it is, i wish THEM good luck.

TODAY, 10/07/09

Academic Advisor meeting held at 8.00am.

This semester, all lecturers are given 1 class to be taken care (macam jadi guru kelas la). I'm given DUP 1B (Diploma Pengurusan Pelancongan, Kelas 1B). Most of them are fresh from Secondary school.
No wonder, when i stepped in to the class and say
"Good morning class"
to my surprised they stood up and replied
"Selamat Pagi Cikgu"!
I was..oh, oh, tak perlu berdiri, ini bukan sekolah menengah lagi.

My words made the whole class laughed. Hahahaa...saya pun ikut ketawa juga. Perhaps my reactioned towards their actioned made them feel warm and informal. I love their expressions. Looking at me in front of the class like i'm their sister.

So i went bla..bla..bla..telling and explaining this and that..almost half and hour..and done. As an Academic Advisor i do need to meet them once or twice a month to keep abreast with their progress. BIG responsibility huh..tapi takpe. i take the challenge. Caiyo caiyo to me!

Last monday, received a letter to go for 'induksi' (it is a course that must be attended by all new government servants). I'm excited since the venue is in Pulau Pinang, Tanjung bungah Hotel.

Will stay there from 19 July till 30 July. Yeaaaa!! All expenses are taken care. Food & accommodation. While for transportation..boleh claim. So, we decided to take flight instead of ground transportation considering the time to reach the destination is quite long. Expecting more outstations this semester.

Thats all for now.
BTW, sorry because this entry is a little bit messy. As messy as my mind right now..

Happy Weekend everyone. God Bless You.