Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Bye for Now

Finally the day that i waited for has comes. Within couple of hours i'll be in my beloved hometown - Sabah. And really2 can't wait for it.

I guess i'll be away from blogworld till 5th May. Will be buzy with family gatherings especially my son's 1st belated birthday celebration.

I'll miss all of u my blogger frens. I hope nc, nadia, gracie, tan, cat and sal will come sometimes here to help me cleaning the growing spider's web while i'm away. Hihi..

Bye for now! will update immediately once i come back to work.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 day

1 day left. 2morrow is not counted bcoz i'm flying back already. Right now, i don't have the heart already to teach. Mind and soul is in Sabah.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 days

YEAAYYYY...2 days more to Wednesday!

Balik kampung
balik kampung..yeyeyeee....(buat lirik sendiri)

Soooo happy today.

Can't wait to fly back to my hometown!

I wish i'll be welcomed home by a group of sumazau dancers at the airport upon my arrival just like an important person who have been in foreign land for my dream la!

Last weekend activities

1. Attended the CHRISTIAN TEACHER'S FELLOWSHIP DAY. It was held in Marina Straits View Hotel's Restaurant, right in front of Singapore!. Paid RM38 for 8 courses Chinese food. So kenyang and So yummy..hehehe..the food made me forgot that seafood = cholestrol (especially the fried prawn and the fried sotong that have been so attempting till i ignored the performances).

I had the chance to meet other christian teachers also. There were about 30 Sabahan teachers attending and the rests are Indians and Chinese. The best part was when the dinner turn to a Candle Light Dinner due to electricity failure right before the dinner started.

No regret for the last minute decision to join the fellowship. Definitely will attend again next year, not of the food but the relationship built among the christian teachers in a land where open religious activities are limited and observed like terrorist.

2. Went shopping for baby's clothes. Not forgetting the gifts for my niece and nephews. Usually they are the happiest if someone balik kampung (especially their unties and uncles) because they know that they'll get ole-ole. Its the best thing being a kid!
Anyway, i'll be extremely buzy this two days, replacing classes before i go on my leave till 5th May.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Pay and me gone lazy

Hehehhee..(BIIG grin)..! is pay day for government servants. I got my first pay as 'cikgu' in Polytechnic. Everyone's saying..'wah, mesti ribu2 gaji ko kan, 3 bulan punya gaji'.

Yes, all of them were right. I got a big number debited (ka credited? - lupa mana satu pla) in my account today and within one hour the total becomes as little as my one month pay. Almost 3 months without pay, the total of 'liability' is equal to the total of gaji i got la ni kerajaan ni, kalau baru masuk kja, nda da la gaji tu 2 bulan. The system that i don't really agree but still gratefull coz i got it eventually.

Teacher gone lazy and crazy

Pssstt..wanna tell u something but don't tell anybody student for Tourism Malaysia suppossed to do two presentations today. But, in my surprise when everything was set up -lap top and lcd projector - the students told me that they don't know that they suppose to present today...grrrrrr....mau marah ka tidak? Surprisingly, i didn't show them that i got mad. like i always do when student don't do the task given. So, what i did was i asked them to switch on the television (the room that i used is a mock office set up like a hotel lobby, equipped with a tv) and we watch the 'Identity' program together! Nah, nasib teda cikgu2 lain masuk itu bilik. I realized that i didn't get mad because i got my pay today.

Well, as a good teacher i should have back up such as article to be given to student or do revision since they first plan cancelled, but i'm just too lazy to teach today. And i don't regret what i did..

For all government servants outhere, HAPPY PAY DAY ya!!!(*_^).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


13 days to come. Its about two weeks more to wait till 29hb comes.

Yuupp..I'm counting the days. The day i fly back to Sabah to meet hubby, son and families. For some people, it could be considered a small matter, but its the other way for me. Mungkin sia ni terlalu pentingkan kekeluargaan. I never been away from family this long. It is really a hard time for me to live without them.

and that is why......

I came to office yesterday with a pair of swollen eyes due to heavy 'downpour' from both of them last night. (uuih..buat peribahasa sendiri ni)..hmm..beginilah kalau berjauhan dengan family. My mum siap kol lagi pujuk me sebab sa sms dia sa rindu baby dan rasa nak nangis. Memang nangis pun sampai tersumbat hidung. Habis credit my dad.

At that time, I feel like i'm still their pampered and loved little girl some 30 years ago. .Hehee.. and in fact i still want them to treat me like that! This doesn't means that i can't turn to my hubby and tell him everything i feel. Hubby is always the first but sometimes i miss the time when mum and dad calmed me. Tu yang tiba2 jadi begitu tu..

I've been keeping my tears for a while but last night i couldn't stand it anymore. Especially when hubby told me my son 'boleh round-round ruang tamu sudah berjalan'.

I've learned again that no matter how strong you are, u'll lose to your own feeling one day. Buruk la orang besar menangis tapi i don't care with what people say.

hmm..Luckily i don't have any class today. So, i can hide my 'mata panda' from my students at least for today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Heart is singing

I'm currently listening to a Malay song ' Cantik' by Kahitna.

Lets sing together!

Ingin rasa hati berbisik
Untuk melepas keresahan

bukan ku ingin mengganggu mu
tapi rasa hati merindu

Walau mentari terbit di utara
hati ku hanya untuk mu

Ada hati yg termanis dan penuh cinta
tentu saja 'kan ku balas seisi jiwa
tiada lagi tiada lagi yg ku inginkan

Inikah sumpah
Sungguh aku sayang kamu (My Hubby - teda dlm lirik aa..)

I found peace today. May be because today is GOOD FRIDAY and its really means GOOD FRIDAY to me. But unfortunately, the land where i live now (Johor) is not celebrating it. How come government do not declare it as public holiday for all Malaysian a? I wish that Sabahan who's working in the other state are also entitled for the Public Holiday too.(in my dream la!):p

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out of the real world

What is happening to me????? am i out of the real world right now? ..arrghhh..

I did a weird action today. I had a class at 2.15, so as usual before i go to the class, i'll touch up my face a little bit plus apply lotion to my both hands. But don't know why, i took the mineral water bottle, opened it and pour it onto my palm. And my friend who was sitting beside me watching me awkwardly. GOSSSH!!! I only realized that i'm pouring water on my palm instead of lotion when i feel the water running and fall on my pants! Luckily i wore black pants today, so its not really obvious my pants is wet..

Adoii..i've been like this since yesterday. I can not concentrate on what i'm doing and i certainly know the reason. 'HOMESICK' and it is at the DANGEROUS LEVEL already. I really can't wait to come home. Actually i'm going back to Sabah on 29hb, evening. I applied for leave untill 5th May which i think still not enough to spend time with hubby and son. BIG event is in the list alreday. Celebrating my son's 1st birthday!

And now, i wish time could flies as fast as possible!