Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jejak Juara Kulinari PJB 2009

Finally i got time to update my blog.

I just wanna share the activities that our students organized last week, that was 'Jejak Juara Kulinari 2009', organized by the semester 6 students, taking the Hotel and Catering Course. Me and friend were there the whole day to give our full support to our students. Here goes some pictures that i took using my Sony Ericson mobile phone. (belum ada duit mo beli camera ba..)

hehhee..action je..

our favourite chef. She is the 3rd runner up.

dapat pancing tag yang ada huruf, dapat hadiah. Yeeeeaa..

yeay..dapat ikan 'nescafe'

the most interesting part in the event, chef tangkap ikan kat kolam sebelum masak. bukan senang nak tangkap pla tu

the 5 finalist (group and individual) selecting and picking ingredients needed

pertandingan teh tarik..hmm..berbakat juga budak2 ni, berbakat menumpahkan air nescafe ke lantai..hehehe..

peserta semi final with Chef Razali from Management Science University

unique..puding keluar dari telur

students istimewa pun ambil bahagian juga..dengan translator lagi

The event was fully sponsored by Nescafe and Maggi.