Saturday, March 28, 2009


At the office again. I'm maximizing the privilage to use free WI-FI.

Well, actually been invited to have Lunch at Baiduri Restaurant at 12pm. Students is serving THAILAND cuisine today. SAVADIKA! Hehhee..and yea..luckily i checked my 'IN' tray today, found out that i haven't done 1 task - checking and marking the class cleanliness. DATELINE: Monday, 30th March. Huhuhu..i've done it just now. Saaaanang saja..bilik kuliah memang kurang bersih, daripada 10 boleh bagi 6 atau 7 ja.

Allright, its time to 'makan'!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buzy Day Again

Yupp.Its going to be buzy days again since yesterday. Nevertheless, today i take my time to write something here. Urmm..yeaah..'bout yesterday morning. I just don' t want to recall it but at least i recorded it here- my blog, my dairy. It was a terrible Monday. EVER!

The incident was actually like this:

As usual, i took the kitchen key to open the restaurant's main door. I even wrote my name on the record book, so that if anyone looking for it they can find me. While i was giving morning briefing to my students, the senior lecturer who is supervising the kitchen came in suddenly and this was the conversation between us:

senior lecturer: Evelyn, you've took the kitchen key, right?
me: Yes, i did took it.
Senior lecturer: How come you didn't write your name in the record book? (raised her voice like she is not satisfied and got angry because i took the key without informing her.
me; Eh, i did.(I suddenly got angry also because of her sudden action and i say this to the students in front of me : 'Dia tak baca ke?'
senior lecturer: NO REPLIED.

and he went into the kitchen.

Adoii..the thing is, i feel like she wanted to humiliate me in front of the students.
It made my whole Monday gloomy.

As an educator, what would you do if your senior scolded or raised her voice when talking to you in front of your students? Embarrasing. She's not professional in doing her job. Even my students commented on that. SEE? A student also knows what 'professional' is when comes to the way a lecturer handling things.

From that moment, i tried to not to talk to her. But its impossible since we are sharing this subject. (She is in the kitchen, i'm in the service). Luckily the students were understanding and told me their secret. They also DO NOT LIKE the lecturer because everytime they seek for her advice, she will get angry.

Nevertheless, its passed. Today, besides teaching, i've lists of task need to be done. By today.!So i better go back to my job or otherwise it will be delayed till tomorrow.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

The moment that was

Hehehe..2 entries in one day. Just now, i checked my laptop's drive D and found a folder of my studio wedding pictures.Looking at each of them, my mind suddenly re-calling the moment of truth we had 3 years ago. There are pictures that i like the most and feeling like to share it here. Here they go:

The white gown..

The Blue Gown

Edited by me using Adobe Photoshop

This one, in Chinese costume i feel like 'auntie2..but stil nice. hehe..

Don't really like the gown but the hair do is nice. It looks naturally wavy.

In Rungus traditional costume

All the pictures above taken by Mr Boniface, Owner of the Millenium Video Production, Buhavan Square, Donggongon Penampang. Package price was very reasonable and affordable, yet guaranteed quality of pictures. (Promote sikit..) Just ask me if anyone interested.

Mine was only RM1500 includes 2 big hard cover albums, Big framed pictures (forgot the measurement), for reception display, 2 bride's gowns with accessories, 2 male's coats, bible boy vest, car decoration, outdoor picture (place of your choice). Invitation card is not included because i did my own design.

However, i do not update myself with his new rate since last year, where my cousin also took his studio wedding picture there.

Missing him..

Happy 11th Months YongYong! Mummy will see you soon! Muaahh!!

Right now, i miss my SON VERY MUCH!

He's turning 11 months, TODAY. Since i've been away from him for about 42 days, I can't tell how much i miss him! I call Yong2 almost every day eventhough he doesn't know how to speak yet but at least he listens to my voice and recognize it as his mum's voice. Sometimes i have this fear that, Yong2 will not recognize me as his mum - he's so close to his grandma already by now eversince i left him last month. So sad.

Hubby says, Yong2 now can stand up by his own and can walk 2-3 steps before he falls. Feel very bad also because i couldn't witness his first step! He drinks plenty of milk and becomes a big eater as well which i'm so glad to hear that.

Last night i dreamt, he's sick. I rang my hubby immediately after i woke up. He said, Yong2 is doing good. I did told hubby 'bout my dream. He said maybe because i think too much of Yong2. Yes, i do think of Yong2 every minute! What else i can do, right?

Eventhough hubby says that Yong2 is doing good, but my mum 's instinct says that he's not. I feel that he purposely lied to me so that i will not worry too much. Oh GOD, please grant me a STRENGTH so that i can go through another month till the date i going back to Sabah!

In the other sides, its a good thing my weekend is busy, so that i keep my hands and mind occupied, at least the day time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

10 Reasons

Today is Sunday, again for the second time, i'm at the office (Arrrgggghhh!!!!). Being a new staff is always a callenge here. As a way to expose freshies to the real working environment in government college, we are given 'tugas2 tambahan' in which the seniors use to do when they were freshies.

This includes to come to office during weekend to do the job given. In line with the government goal to involve higher education institutions in the development of society or human skills, PJB or Jabatan Hospitaliti respectively is giving out a free courses this whole week. Today is the last day. However, instead of cursing those who responsible to list my name under the 'course secretarial', i better thank them as i gained lot of knowledge managing this kind of matter (social network and a way to know other senior staffs). I TAKE IT POSITIVELY. YES, POSITIVELY. (Eventhough i've to sacrifice my weekend (time to wake up late, lazing around at home and so forth. Hopefully it will be counted! Hehehe..).

And below is post that should be a 'complete' post last friday. D(ue to technical problem, i only post the title of it instead). So, Gracie, this is the content of ' 10 Reasons'. hehe..Sorry for delaying.

This is an email forwarded by a friend of mine, Ms. Tan. I just would like to share with anyone who passed by here, my humble blog and also a good reminder to all of us why we shouldn't do this.

The 10 Reason why we should never stay back at office after working hour.

1. Employement letter stated that working hour finish at 6.00pm or 5pm. Exactly!


2. Work is a never ending process. Even if you stay untill next morning, you will never finish it. Never brings your job at home too. Its very true! Me and friends also do not even talk about office things at home.

3. Human are not robots. Even robots or machines have to rest or else it will facing breakdown problems.

4. You love your career but your family is even more important in your life. In my case: i love my family very much but have to be apart from my family temporarily which is a very though situation i'm facing now!

5. If you failed on your life, your boss is not going to be the one who gives you a helping hand whereas your family will definitely offer help. A reminder to those who put family at the second place!

6. You do not want to screw up or make your life miserable just because of your job. (Hopefully no la kan..)

7. Monthly salary = 9am - 6pm (me: 8am -5pm)
if 6.30pm = $0.00 + 0.00 bonus + 0.00 appreciation + bad health + bad social life + bad family relationship. (tidak semua company yang bagi extra payment kalau balik lambat sebab nak habis kan kerja)

8. If the person who disagree to the formula above we think he/she is a loser who has no life, heartless, doomed workaholic, etc. he'she should be rewarded as 'the best employee of the year' award.

Please, don't do this to your family!

9. You don't give a damn if your boss fires you. (kalau company tak appreciate staff dari segala segi, sebelum kena fire, baik berhenti kan?)

10. For the Chinese, remember this 'house in the East no longer keep you, then just move to the West house'.

Knowing so, what i'm doing here in office at this time 22hb Mac 2009, 12pm, Sunday?! (Menempelak diri sendiri sebab hari minggu pun kena pigi ofis!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bapa : Binatang Buas

Cuba anda buka Utusan Malaysia Online, hari ini dan baca satu berita dengan tajuk 'Anak ceritakan deraan seks'. Sebaik selesai membaca berita tersebut, tiba2 ja kemarahan, kegeraman yang teramat sangat mendatangi diri. Bapa sepatutnya menjadi ketua keluarga, melindungi keluarga dan banyak lagi tanggungjawab yang harus dipikul. Tapi yang ini? Entah la. Lebih membuatkan saya geram lg ialah isteri kepada lelaki tersebut sedar akan perbuatan suaminya. Suami dengan 'persetujuan' isteri mengurung anak perempuan mereka selama 24 tahun, (dikurung sejak 18 tahun dan sekarang berumur 42 tahun), dijadikan sebagai hamba seks sehingga melahirkan 7 orang anak. Berita tentang ini pernah keluar sebelum ini.(sila baca berita penuh kat Utusan Online)

Kenapa la ada juga manusia macam ini kan? Macam kita yang membaca berita setiap hari akan terkena sakit jantung membaca berita2 cam ni. Di sini, (Johor) Harian Metro adalah surat khabar yang selalu kami beli. Hampir setiap hari ada kejadian bayi dibuang, ngeri dibuatnya. Ada satu berita tu, bapa kepada seorang bayi menghempas anaknya ke tilam sebab anaknya menangis, menyebabkan bayi tu meninggal. Rupa2nya bapa tu sedang 'high' sebab ambil dadah. Kadang2 sa tidak baca berita penuh. Lemas sa rasa seluruh badan bila baca berita mcm tu yg nda pandai habis. Apatah lagi sekarang ni saya jauh dari anak saya.

Apa yang kita harapkan, perlakuan2 diluar tabii manusia seperti ni akan berkurangan dan dapat dibendung.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Malacca Trip

Thanks God today i can warm up my chair again. I can say that since i switched to POLITEKNIK JOHOR BAHRU last month, Its already scheduled that i only can update my blog every Friday. Its because my lecturing schedule is a bit tight as i have 7 classes every week (from Mon - Tue) which is equal to 16 hours teaching per week. So tiring. The good things in this college is Friday for most of the lecturers are 'time off'. Means no class. Friday is usually for meeting , replacement class, edu trip and etc. So here, its really 'Thanks GOD its Friday' for me.

With this 'time off'' as well i have chance to post some of the picts i took last weekend on my visit to Malacca Town. Another thanks God from me because i didn't have to pay for accommodation while i was in Malacca. My brother's house is big enough to accommodate me for 3days and 2nights visit.

Here goes the pictures:

At the Enduring Beuty Museum

Tatooing is Rajahan in Malay. I just got to know!

Other Attractions:

My dream came true. I'm on a trishaw ride! RM40 per hours to go around the Malacca historical city.

Wrongly spelled or what? The 'Karabau'

Sungai Melaka

Trishaws are decorated with flowers. Pretty impressive!

St. Paul at the top of St. Paul Hill (i guess some irresponsible visitor took the right hands of St Paul)

with brother

The Taming Sari Tower and The Eyes On Malaysia. View from the top of St Paul Hill.

There are many more pictures i took but i'll post it another time. Till then, have a nice weekend to all!