Monday, February 16, 2009

A busy Monday.

Its raining heavily right now here. Just finish my class of Restaurant Operation. Imagine from 8am till 4pm. But this class is amali, so cannot really feel it. Me assisting the senior lecturer observing and briefing the students about what to do in in the dining area and kitchen. Students are doing all the tasks from preparing and serving the food, and clearing the kitchen and dining area. Siok juga la..Dapat makan free. hihi..The restaurant open for the invited guests (the lecturers) at about 12pm till 2pm. The menu today is combination of the Western food and Malay food, Theme is 'Kasih Sayang' in conjunction with the Valentine's Day last Saturday. But i can't feel the 'Kasih Sayang' in the restaurant environment..hmm.nama juga pelajar kan, jadi tak kisah sangat la. At least they are practising all theories they've learnt in Sem 1 and 2. They are just lacking in effort and determination to do more than what the lecturers are expecting...sighed..well, students are always like that kan..Cabaran untuk warga pendidik la juga ni.

In the schedule actually i have class at 2.15pm - 3.15pm. Right after the Rest Operation. But i'll only start teaching after the mid sem break. A bit difference with the the previous college i was attached because here lecturers are sharing teaching the subject. Sharing means, teaching the same class. In particular, the first lecturer teach the subject before the mid sem break. Second lecturer teach after the break. Lebih kurang begitu la. Other things are same such as rancangan mengajar, test, quizzes..etc.

I think i really need a good rest tonight..sangat penat. O ya..To Nc, sia ada gambar meow meow yang sentiasa ada di cafe kolej. Setiap kali kami p sana, mesti ada. Nah ni gambar durang.:

cumil kan durang. duduk pun dekat2..

Weekend in JB


It’s Sunday. My first Sunday in JB. We went to a place named Plentong for a Sunday prayer. Since i’m new (compared to my 3 Sabahan’s friends who have been here for almost a month) here, I’ve still no idea where else I can go for Sunday prayer. So, I just follow them to the Catholic Church in Plentong, St. Joseph Church. To my surprise, when we went inside the church, there were many faces with Sabahan’s look. Suddenly I felt like at home. Yes, many of them were Sabahans. Siap nyanyi satu lagu gospel bahasa Dusun lagi.

My days here are not complete without tears. (too bad, even I pray harder, I’m still emotionally weak!) And inside the church, there I go again! It was because there were a family with a baby girl sitting right in front of the row where me and friends sitting. Suddenly, my tears dropped when the baby girl look at me and smile! Oh, don’t do that to me cutie! She made me crying! I can’t explain how I miss my little prince. My plan to balik Sabah is still far ahead. I thought a new staff is automatically entitled for the 25 days annual leave but its not. It is calculated after the month ended (2 days leave every month). Just like the system used by the previous company I was attached. So, I’ve to forget my plan to balik kampong early month of March. Only been here for about three weeks but thinking to go home already? Believe me, if u’re in my shoes you’ll do the same especially when you are apart from your little baby and hubby!

Three of my friends are going back to Sabah on this 6th March because 9th March is holiday. Me can not join. So, my planning is to go to Batu Berendam Melaka, at my brothers’ place. But plans will change when the time comes.

Life without my beloved Baby Yong2 and hubby is soooo gloomy especially when the night comes, I’m alone in my bed. Tears are never hesitate to drop and pretty enough to make my pillow get wet. Nevertheless, if you meet and stay with friends that are very caring and loving, the feeling will a little bit lessen. I’ve really learnt that CARING and SHARING are the two words that powerful enough to relieve a gloomy heart. Sometimes, we cried together but we choose to laugh a lot and make our days occupied. So, the mind is not too busy thinking about family back home. Another way that we do to be occupied is watching movies all day long if we don’t go to anywhere. Last night we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. In the list next weekend are BIGSTAN movie. Playing games is not exempted too. I responsible to make my two friends stay awake till 1am just to try to finish the Stage 7, TUMBLEBUGS game. Hahahahaa!!!

Hmm..tomorrow is Monday. I’ll be one of the lecturers to observe students preparing food in the kitchen and after that presenting the food at the Baiduri Restaurant…hehhe..makan free lagi bisuk! Hotel standard lagi tu. Siap dengan waiters and waitress (students themselves). Jom kawan2, join sa makan free!..kekekee..

Alright, I guess its time to give my body and soul a good rest. I wanna go to sleep now. Hopefully my night will be a peaceful one. (NO TEARS PLEASEE!!!)

p/s: Nc, nanti sia buat tag ko.