Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hiu's Girls

Born in a big family make me feel so lucky. 
They are many reasons for that.
But the top of it is this:

L - R: Me (1st daughter and the 6th child, My 2nd sister in the middle which is the 10th in the family, and My 3rd sister who is also the youngest.

From 11 siblings, we are the only lucky girls, stand out of the crowd of The Hiu's gentlemen.
I was/am the luckiest, i guess.

 My teenhood surrounded by 5 handsome men watching every step i made, until the day i got married. Feel secured enough.:) 

However, the only thing i regretted (should i?) was i missed those moments a growing girl supposed to enjoy..No boy dared to flirt with me , no love letters from classmates even some guys were so admiring me, Haha!
siapa berani kacau kalau ada 5 bodyguard ba kan? anak ketua kampung lagi..haha!

But then, i think i will not be who i am now if not my beloved brothers..they supported me financially and spiritually throughout my 3 years studies in university. There were / are my true heroes. 
Sayang abang2ku semua..

Back to the Hiu's Girls, we were not in close relationship when we were kids..ya la, macam mana mau rapat kalau pada waktu saya kanak-kanak, diorang belum ada.

I mean, jarak antara kami yang tidak membenarkan kami untuk membesar bersama. 
But now, it seems that we are needing each other often especially when one in need.
I love my sisters and also my brothers.

Just don't know why in sudden i feel emo today..