Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this place still safe for us to live in?

That's the question that strike me after reading the newspaper today.

My answer is: I am doubt now.

Criminals act are everywhere and is worsening. There is like no more safe place on Earth.
The recent case involving the tragic murder of Datuk Sosilawati and another 4 person, terrifying me.

Not mentioning the baby dumping, accidents( number arising), father kill his son, son kills his father, teenager rapes a granny/father, brother rapes daughter/ sister, suicide, and the list goes on..

Among all reasons why all these happens only this relate very much:


There is no religion that commands its followers to kill. Specifically, to kill human.
I believe in that.

If they have a little light of faith, they will not murder, they will not dump baby, they will not rape their daughter/sister, and they will not do this and that..again the list goes on.

Come on people, lets have little faith, to guide us in life.