Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Title

Ahahahaa..i'm in the mood of laughing.

An officemate who was packing her things suddenly found a long forgotten picture. A picture of her and her fellows when he just joined Polytechnic Johor Bahru aka PJB about 10-11 years ago! In that picture she was 'S' size but now has become 'L'..Everyone starting to comparing their sizes based on the picture, begin to tease each other, made the very warm afternoon in office full with laughter.

..you were so cute in this picture',you looked chubbier', 'oh no la, its my tudung made me look chubby', eh, why you look nerdy here?', 'macam lidi o kau dulu2'

..hahhaa..some comments to each others. Belum lagi diorang nampak gambar saya time form 5 dulu..macam ada katak gemuk ja di pipi kiri kanan. gemukss betul.

for 2-3 minutes the forgotten picture made my office alive. haha here and there.

I guess its a good therapy before we start busy weeks ahead. Yes. busy weeks. Old students are coming back to continue their study tomorrow. The December Session is starting this week.

I am ready to face my new students. I am ready to learn more. I am ready to give more. I am ready for whatever the result of transfer will be..which is promised next week. Earlier promised is actually on 1st December, result will be out..huh, tidak apa la.

Maybe God wants to torture me more with this temporary separation with my loved ones. Thanks God. For whatever reason YOU doing this to me. I still thank YOU.

Ah, malas la mau ingat pasal perpindahan tu..lebih baik sy ketawa saja dulu..ahahaha!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stage Fright

I just finished my EEP course for today.

The morning slot was a bit interesting. Learn about communicative grammar. Opps, not learn. It is to more recap in exact. I admitted that i'm not good in grammar and still lacking of proper vocabularies to write proper sentences. The slot was intended to freshen the participant's memories in using proper grammar in teaching..the part that i am weak..:( Still practicing though..huhu

While in the afternoon it was the public speaking slot. Yes, public speaking! Not many seems to like it. me neither. Haha..

anyone feel like doing this?

With the topic of 'self introduction', participants were given 3 minutes talk of the very easy topic given. Guided some more with points prepared by the speaker.

i tell you is not as easy as writing the draft of your speech when come to the presentation before other fellows. Cikgu pun pandai nervous ni kalau kena suruh bercakap di depan orang yang bukan students..haha..ironi kan. Padahal, setiap hari buat public speaking depan kelas.

Most participants did well in term of self-confidence but grammatically, not all did well including me..hehe. But like the speakers concluded after the slot, the first aim of the activity is to gain self confidence. Grammar, tidak apa..so i guess all did well la sebab semua dapat cakap di depan..

For me, i did mistake also in the beginning of my speech..i said 'right now i feel stomach in my butterflies'...hahhahaa, that's a sign of truly attacked by stage fright! I supposed to say 'i feel butterflies in my stomach'! hahahahha....100x!

Tommorrow, will be doing micro-teaching fully in English but in a smaller group. Another stage fright coming?..huhu..we will see. ;)

Till then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


errk..Whats that stand for?

EEP=English Enhancement Program.
A 4 days course for every lecturer in order for us to maximize the use of English in teaching and learning process. I'm in the course, starting today till friday.

Oops, do not get me wrong. Now is our lunch time and will be back to the course at 2.30pm. Its clear that i'm not 'curi-curi' updating my blog during the course. Its not me. Course is course. I focus on it to make sure i gain all the knowledge from the speaker. I know some people like to surfing net, facebooking, listening to music or whatever which is not related to the course, just because they say 'kursus is boring'. It depends on how you set your mind, right?

The first session this morning, not so interesting and not so attractive. The way it carried out was like the learning and teaching process in class. Reading text and understanding the text. A bit boring. Only one slot was considered interesting. But lets see how is the progress, this afternoon.

Meanwhile, this is our picture during a short trip at Tg Balau Beach..Yong2 really had a great time playing sands and not afraid of the waves anymore like his first trip beach last May..Hampir dia nda mau balik oo.

Till then.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gifts With Lots of Love

Chakk! Hahaha.
Its almost impossible for me to start a word for this entry.
huhuhu..tiba2 macam rasa janggal ni nda tau mau tulis apa..

Feel ashamed for being away so long from my blog actually. Proven enough that i'm not that passionate enough in the blogging world, kan?. My last entry was in October if i'm not mistaken. Lepas tu terus silent saja. Ada juga mau try2 update di office tapi teda privacy, office mate selalu limpas2 di belakang..Kalau di rumah pula, teda peluang mo guna laptop sebab YongYong asyik mau tingu Ultraman seja..pandai switch on dan pasang cd sendiri lg tu.

Well, you may guess, where i have been and what i have been doing. Hate to say that when coming to every end of semester kerja kami ialah teda lain teda bukan menyibukkan diri dengan kerja-kerja penyiapan markah kuiz, ujian dan tugasan pelajar. Malang saya lagi terlibat dengan persediaan soalan-soalan peperiksaan akhir yang kerjanya nda la susah tapi banyak yang remeh - temeh. I admit that working in goverment educational institution sangat la banyak kerja berbanding di kolej swasta dulu. Oppsyy! i'm not complaining, just sharing though. :)

But yeah finally i found my strength to start blogging again.

In fact, there are many stories that i wanted to share since my last post in October..tapi nda jadi2..tersimpan seja. Tapi dalam banyak2 tu, rasanya saya mau share2 yang ini dulu la..cerita tentang hadiah.:)

One great thing being a dedicated educator is when students appreciate what you have done to them. Especially those who are in their final semester..Best ba mengajar semester akhir ni. Diorang suka bagi hadiah sama lecturer yang mengajar diorang.
and lucky me, i was one of them..hehe..

Tadaaa...the gifts from my beloved students..with lots of love!

Handed to me on their last day at Politeknik Johor Bahru. Siap peluk2 lagi sambil nangis2..thanking me non-stop for being a great lecturer.
huhu..terharu juga la sia.
Never thought that they would appreciate me that much. And i liked it. Motivate me to be more creative in teaching, to be more patient facing problematic students, and the most important is to be more matured in my career. Every semester is an experience and experiment too.

Thats all for this time.
Till then.