Monday, December 22, 2008

HAvE A BLessEd ChRIsTMaS..

Today is my last day of working. Tomorrow going back to kampung till 29th. Will be back to work on 30th and 31st December.Tidak sabar sudah sia..
not forgetting the fellows that have to work during Christmas day, dun be sad ya..enjoy this song;


Crossing in the ocean with my window view
Thinking of the time I spent with you
and I close my eyes and I see the family
Making out their wish list
All dressed up for Christmas
On my own for to many years
I miss the happiness I miss the tears

When i close my eyes and I'm all alone
I think of all the love we shared
When I need a friend or a helping hand
I know that you will all be there
I've been gone for so many holidays
But you can light my fire
'Cus this year I'll be home for Christmas day

I see the children playing in the snow
Precious memories that I used know
And I see the love
In the mother's eyes
Always there to teach us
The real meaning of christmas
On my own for to many years
I miss the happiness I miss the tears


It doesn't matter
How alone you think you are
Something happens to ya
When you see that shining star


Friday, December 19, 2008

weekly conclusion..

hmm..dis week i think i've got load of information from:

1. Marie France Bodyline- according to them i've to spend 2k-5k just to lost 2kg of my weight. Gila ka?..dont want to say more bout it..just appreciate their marketing staff because of their aggresiveness in selling their product. Well, i'm satisfied with my figure now. So, i dont think i'm desperate to take more slimming product from them. Anyway, thanks buddies for all the hardwork to persuade us! You guys did well on it.

2. HERBALIFE - this one better than no.1. First time my wellness level being analysed. Never got that info before. If my financial department doing well next year, i'll buy your product! hihi..

3. Public Mutual Berhad -Juz now. Kind of investment thing. The consultation session was quite convincing but yeah again depending on my financial state. (Huh, balik2 pasal duit). i think this one has the lower risk if compare to the other investment. more info, just go to their office. At least, nda la memaksa mcm tu yang saaanaaa atas tu!. planning yet what to do. For sure, i'll spend more time with my lovely little prince. Yeaay!!

Happy Weekend people!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. On facebook walk again. Want to wish everyone in my list 'Merry Christmas' before going for my leave next week.


1. Went to checked my wellness level with some friends at HERBALIFE office at 3rd floor CP. They're having FREE wellness analysis.

Happy because i just got to know that i am actually 'DOING WELL'. No excess fat, ideal weight, excellent body fat range, good visceral fat (fat that surrounds the vital organs in the stomach area), good bone mass and excellence physique ratings.
Juz need to work on lil bit on my body metabolic rate..seems not enough.

2. On facebook walk to wish friends Merry Christmas.

TwO dAyS AgO:

2. So irritated with one guy passenger who sat beside me in the bus. He sat down like the seat is his. How come aa..guy usually when they sit, they sit 'berkangkang' (sorry guys juz need to say it) even in the public transportation.
Saya benci betul!
To that person (whoever u are): I mean, yea i know why u sit like that but please, don't do it in the public transportation! Learn to respect other passengers especially when sitting beside you is a female!
Please acknowledge that no all girls like to 'bergesel paha' dengan orang yang tak dikenali dalam bas! Kurang ajar betul!
i am thinking of bringing a pin next time so that i can use it to inject anyone who sits 'berkangkang' in the bus. (if i am the victim la).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today, dont know what to write actually..i spent my day surfing and visiting people blogs and i enjoyed it.

Juz thinking of posting 2 pics of my little prince which were taken yesterday.

if you can notice, rambut depan dia nda rata coz sia yang gunting. cam kena gigit tikus..daddynya asyik lupa ja mo trim. Last2 sia trim sendiri, begitulah kejadiannya..

Jam 5 sudah. 30 minutes lagi baru pulang..hiyaa..kan bagus kalau jam 5 balik. Ni ada stanga2 lagi..

Monday, December 15, 2008

When he is happy2..

Warming up..dun know he's smiling or what..

then, hihiii..showing his little teeth..

ni..menjulingkan mata..

another style of laughing..

the greatest laugh of all..

slowing down..for another laughing session..

i had a great weekend playing with him..I never thought that being a mom is giving me such a wonderful time. I learn a new thing about him every day. It is a very precious experience for me as a woman and mother.
Holla everyone!
i've been away for 4 days...
Lama juga sia rasa. 2 hari cuti sakit terus sambung cuti hujung minggu.

So, today feel fresh and more better and ready to settle all the pending tasks. At this moment, from the 5 tasks with the 'need to be done' list, i've done one.
Aikk..baru satu? Cukup la ba tu dulu..5 kan, jadi satu hari satu la..hehheee..

What i did last weekend?
Shopping at weekly TAMU and makan-makan la..Walaupun nda berapa sihat tapi tetap mau enjoy. Makan d mana? Di RUMAH. Hehehe..Murah, tak jauh dan yang paling bagus: dijamin seratus peratus bersih!
Yesterday, i cooked healthy chicken soup and made watermelon and carot juice. So yummy!
i also enjoyed my time to prepare delicious and nutritious rice porridge for my Little Prince. While, my mum and sister-in-law were preparing some kuih2 for next week christmas celebration. So, means our weekend was seem occupied.

Last saturday, we went out for lunch once because my sister belanja makan. We choose SANGAVIAN Restaurant, owned by a local Kadazan and located in Donggongon Square, Penampang. I bring together my Little Prince. Since it was his first time eating his lunch in a restaurant (the porridge i packed from home) he was so excited. He kept making noises as usual. All customers were in the restaurant gave him attention. Hahaa..we felt like celebrities just because of him. Sampai the lady boss kedai makan tu pigi dukung dia bawa main2..haizz..for sure, there will be another surprises coming our way as he is growing up. Here are some photos of My Little Prince while he is having his lunch:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's thought..

i am not feeling well right now. Yesterday i had stomach problem (in the office) followed by fever in the evening. It made me no appetite to eat for dinner. Only managed to eat half of my food. And this morning i ate 3 spoons of rice porridge only for breakfast (which is cooked by my mom -in- law for my little prince). Feel like to take sick leave but can not afford it since i have only 3 days leave balance. Have to reserve it for Christmas leave. So sad. So here i am, sitting in the office :(. There are some office works haven't been done yet, but really don't have mood to settle it.

Why i got fever? Perhaps this is what happens to some moms out there. When baby has fever, mom will have it too. My 7 months son had a light fever since last week. Well, he is in the teething stage actually. Thanks God because he is not feeling so badly with the fever. In fact, my little one loves laughing and playing with his toys. He is also addicted to his baby walker. Just put him on, and there he goes! Grabbing every things within his reach!..and he is still on mood even he has fever!)

Being a (working) mom actually quite tiring. Especially when, there is nobody around to help you in time of needs. I thank God so much because i have everybody at home that willing to lend their hands when i need it.

My daily routine as a working mum goes like this (from monday to friday):

1. reaching home approximately around 6.30pm if traffic jam is terrible, but if OK around 6.05pm or before 6pm

2. get in to the house, first looking for HIM and say 'YongYong, mommy is home!', offer my hands to hold him and for sure he will smile showing his two little teeth and ready to be hold. So, i guess he misses me and knows that i am his mom! its so sweet! Once he is in my hands, do you know what he is looking for? Definitely his source of MILK. Do u get what i mean? hmmm..i decided to breasfeed my baby since the beginning of his life, so he used to it already. After maternity leave, i only can breastfeed him in the evening. So, he seems to know that he will get what he wants every evening. Like always, he is impatiently looking for it.

p/s: for everyone who is single outhere, if u r planning to get married and have baby soon, breastfeeding your baby exclusively for 2 months after giving birth is very adviseable. You will find a great bonding between you and your little ones besides other benefits!

3. After he full, he will easily fall asleep. Put him in the crib and its time for me to get shower hurrily before he awakes again.

4. Ready for dinner. Living with parents-in-law actually makes your life as a new mom much easier. Dinner is ready when you are home, your baby already eaten and already 'mandi'. Tell you honestly, i cook only on weekend! While having dinner, i do laundry. So comfortable because i just let the machine do it works. (If u r staying with your in-law or planning to,d o not let them wash your laundry ya!! bikin malu kalau itu kau punya '_ _ _ _ _ _' pun kena cuci.

5. After dinner, finishing up the laundry things (if baby is still sleeping la). if not, juz let his daddy do the rest. I am lucky because, my dearie is quite 'ringan tulang' to help (Luv ya!). Me and my little prince? the bedroom already lo!

6. Everything is done before 8pm usually. So, that means i and my little prince get to sleep early. heheee..

7. Finally...this: ZzzZzzZZZzz....

This morning, my little prince woke up at 5am. Do you think you can sleep peacefully if he wakes up already? Never! he will keep making noises to attract you attention. And today, i go to work with tired eyes. So sleepy right with that sharing, i stop here for a while.

o yea,,by the way here we go. My 7 months little prince and momma:

He is trying out his teeth with his own finger. YummyYummy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My career path part 2

My third job was a 'Guest Service Assistant' @ receptionist. (sesuai la konon dengan major sia: Hotel Management).

This was my first job after graduated. In Nexus Resort Karambunai. I like this job since i could practice what i've learned in class. Besides, i could meet people from other countries. Siok betul la konon time tu. But, i work for only 6 months and i resigned. Why? because only for one reason; my dearie brother is getting married and my leave was not approved! Mana boleh o kan? Family sa aramai iti, sia pla sibuk karaja..

Nevertheless, i learnt lot of things; sia jadi mature sikit pas kja sana..

p/s: bersambung lagi..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Dolphin on My Work Desk

A dolphin? Yeah, a dolphin on my work is given by someone i considered as 'a new friend'. She gave it to me as a gift to my little boy. My little boy loves it so much. Ooops..did i mentioned 'my little boy?'...i have kid already? Yes, i'm married and have one cute little special little one...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PTI oh PTI...

I'm sitting on my work desk right now. Thinking of what to write as for todays entry. Yeah, now i remember something about yesterday afternoon incident. I took a mini bus to go home since my darling is working in the afternoon shift. This is not my first time in fact, but i never experience it. Thats why i share it here.

I managed to get on the mini bus around 5.48pm. And that was after a hard effort to get myself slip in between the other passengers. Dont have idea why yesterday so many people were waiting for the Putatan mini bus. What made me felt very irritated was this incident:

Inside the bus already, i saw only the back seat was available where a woman and a little boy with her already seated. I am about to seat my self when the woman said:

'Kena buking sudah neng". She purposely ask her little son to sit on the seat next to her. (The back seat can accommodate 4 passengers)

I suddenly got angry and said this: 'Aii..kak itu budak boleh dukung ba itu. Siapa duluan naik dia yang duduk la'.

And i dont really care about her warning 'kena booking sudah'. Because by hook or crook i must get the seat. I stand for 2 3 seconds and she finally hold her son to her lap and said:

'ba, ko duduk la neng.' (my heart say: 'ko tidak suruh duduk pun saya duduk juga. Bukan kau punya bas!) And i seated. While getting on the bus after me were 2 other women. I realized that they were a family of PTI! one sat next to me and another one sat on the bus floor. Can u imagine that? They kept starring at me along the way to Putatan as if they want to swallow me. I bet if i have friend, i will laugh to die...LOL.. i texted one of my bestie and told her bout the meantime, sia senyum senyum ja dlm bas sampai Putatan..

Oh my gosh...the worse thing about them is their body smell..very fishy smell!..Bau ikan! i thought i'm going to faint yesterday. Luckily, i tahan till i reached Putatan, Oh Thanks God, the traffic was not so bad yesterday!
I also surprised when seeing them eating rambutan and threw the skin out from the bus through the bus window! Haizzz...i almost took picture of their action and send it to my friend who's working in DBKK. Biar kena tangkap sebab buang sampah dari dalam bas!
So, i conclude here that the PTIs are so dare. They act like this land is theirs. They act like they are very special here. They think like the bus is theirs also. So irritated!
I aware the government is in action pertaining the PTIs matter. But i think, some locals are protecting this party, making the government efforts are not so effective.