Monday, December 15, 2008

Holla everyone!
i've been away for 4 days...
Lama juga sia rasa. 2 hari cuti sakit terus sambung cuti hujung minggu.

So, today feel fresh and more better and ready to settle all the pending tasks. At this moment, from the 5 tasks with the 'need to be done' list, i've done one.
Aikk..baru satu? Cukup la ba tu dulu..5 kan, jadi satu hari satu la..hehheee..

What i did last weekend?
Shopping at weekly TAMU and makan-makan la..Walaupun nda berapa sihat tapi tetap mau enjoy. Makan d mana? Di RUMAH. Hehehe..Murah, tak jauh dan yang paling bagus: dijamin seratus peratus bersih!
Yesterday, i cooked healthy chicken soup and made watermelon and carot juice. So yummy!
i also enjoyed my time to prepare delicious and nutritious rice porridge for my Little Prince. While, my mum and sister-in-law were preparing some kuih2 for next week christmas celebration. So, means our weekend was seem occupied.

Last saturday, we went out for lunch once because my sister belanja makan. We choose SANGAVIAN Restaurant, owned by a local Kadazan and located in Donggongon Square, Penampang. I bring together my Little Prince. Since it was his first time eating his lunch in a restaurant (the porridge i packed from home) he was so excited. He kept making noises as usual. All customers were in the restaurant gave him attention. Hahaa..we felt like celebrities just because of him. Sampai the lady boss kedai makan tu pigi dukung dia bawa main2..haizz..for sure, there will be another surprises coming our way as he is growing up. Here are some photos of My Little Prince while he is having his lunch:

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