Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Went here just now..

(pict source: both from Mr. google...:)..nda larat mo ambil gambar ba.)

SOGO...It was recommended by some KL-rian friends has been planning to buy handbags eversince we know that we are attending course in KL. So, we went.. and upon our arrival lets see the pict below;

Shoppers...flooding the ground floor as it giving BIIIIIG discount up to 80% on selected brands.

Kami pun nda ketinggalan juga berebut di sini tadi .

We arrived around 5.30pm..thought not crowded because its time for people to go home, cook and ready to break fasting with family. Rupa-rupanya mana ada,berhimpit-himpit ba..Yang saya hairan tu bila time breaking fast jam 7.30pm, masih lagi ramai tu orang yang sepatutnya breaking fast berhimpit-himpit pilih bag..sanggup minum air saja dulu o semata-mata mau shopping..huhu..

at second floor pula, i saw a father and his child duduk tepi dinding sudah sebab tu anak tidur..maybe his wife too busy shopping kan sampai nda peduli tu anak mau tidur..yang lain sa nampak anak-anak dia makan burger McD seja sambil ikut-ikut mamanya pilih-pilih baju..atukoii..begini la pula orang2 sebelah sini a..(i know bukan semua la kan)

I initially dun want to buy but ended up buying two handbags also from a popular brand..Hey, who doesn't want if it offers RM79 for two handbags o? Its really worth it..

My friends lagi la..beli 4 lagi ooo...hehehee..
Nasib la saya bukan bujang, kalau tidak mesti saya pun sudah pajak tu..and i tell you, memang di Sabah nda pernah ada discount begitu besar and banyak choice..but still i'm proud to be a Sabahan la..walau pun teda sale besar-besaran macam di sini..hehe.

Oh, well..that's my story for today. Till then.

3rd Day

Its the third day of my day attending course here in KL. Fortunately, the course is carried out easy and informal. So, for sure there is no stress issues here..hehe..Fortunately also, i'm not alone here. There are 7 of us altogether, i mean from my office..siok juga la. Time mengantuk, boleh gurau2 dengan kawan-kawan.

In KL, its the BIIGG discount time in most shopping complexes here..Jadi, apa lagi kami ni..sambil menyelam minum air. In the tentative program sent to us earlier, it said that we gonna have evening session till 11pm, but..yeaaayy!! to the organizer, the bahagian pembangunan latihan dan kerjaya kementerian pengajian tinggi because let us enjoy our evening time. Its free from any course activity. Except for the 2nd evening where the director of the department met us to give some briefing related to the course.

Yesterday evening we went to Bukit Bintang or to be specific sana Sungei Wang and Low Yat Plaza..pheww! boleh tahan juga la penat berjalan especially with me carrying my 8 months baby still in my perut..huahua..but, semangat mau pigi shopping tu ba, kalah tu penat..
And this evening, next shopping complex to go is Sogo..wuhuuu!..lets see what i'm going to buy there.

Meanwhile, thats all for now. got to go. its 2.30 already and its time to back to bussiness. :)

Till then!