Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 in 1

Hi people! i'm a bit crazy this time around. Sense of blogging come. Too many things occupying my mind but its hard to interpret it in a writing form.
hmm..maybe because i'm alone at home. So mind is working fast and furios, hahaha! thinking what to do to kill time.

Right now, I'm still wearing jeans and blouse; facing my laptop -blogging, facebook-ing, reading and preparing short notes for Hospitality Law for next week class and at the same time watching tv a crazy woman o kan.
In this picture are my lappy, hospitality law notes and television switched on. Eh, why i'm not in a? of course la, who's taking picture if not me? it a sign of boredom? taking picture of nothing and publish it in blog. But, who cares right? like many other bloggers, i'm blogging for what i'm doing-orang sabah cakap 'suka hati sia la mau tulis apa '..

Err..i'll not be like this if my son and hubby is around..sob, sob,sob..mau balik!!!!
(mau nangis dulu 5 minit)

Okay, time is over..tears wiped off. I think its time take my bath now. Its almost 10pm.

p/s: whoever reading this entry, i'm sorry if u totally can't understand my point..rambling of a long distance mum that couldn't express her feeling into words.
Its Saturday. All Johorian mourning starting today after the death of Sultan Johor last nite. R.I.P Sultan...'rakyat Johor diarahkan berkabung 7 hari'.. Err..what i hope actually all government departments 'dicutikan' minggu depan..ehehee..need to find out from my Johorian colleague later on. If yes, i'll change my flight which i already booked on 28th evening to tommorrow..(day dreaming!!(*_^).

Oh yeah, I suppose to do hair treatment at 1.30pm today at one of the hair care centre in Johor Bahru, in which i booked since 2 weeks ago. 15 minutes before the appointment, the centre called me to cancel the appointment because they HAVE to closed within 30 minutes time. I was a bit mad at their sudden decision and reacted not so proper to the girl on line..ya la..da penat2 naik teksi datang sana mau buat hair treatment, tiba2 kena cancel..haiyoo..siapa yang nda bengang kan. At that time, i was only few steps from the hair care centre's door... huh! I told the girl, since i'm almost there, i will come to set a new appointment. So, my new appointment is on 6th March. The front desk lady told me that it is due to the Sultan Johor death. Hopefully there will be no more SULTAN passed away on that day.

Later on, i found out that the shopping complex management have ordered all the premises closed before plan to go window shopping after my appointment 'dicancelkan' have to be forgotten..huhuuu..wrong timing ha?, what i do next? i stepped out from the complex, straight to the bus station, took a bus heading back. And know, here i ended writing this entry for my thing i glad, i saved a lot of money today.BIG congrates to me!!kalau tidak mesti habis 1-2ratus shopping yang nda dirancang..hahaa..woman!