Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deleted comments in Fb

Last nite i deleted tw0 comments on my status in my FB account..its because i feel offended with their comments..

Its not a big matter though but i dont like to see the comments everytime i go to my fb profile..i'm very particular about how people use their ability to speak fluently and write neatly in any language..speak only nice words and write only neat words!

Nevertheless, when come to expressing something its better to think twice which word is the most appropriate to use..Like my FB status last night..'listening to sabah vfm'..a friend comment 'kasian..dengar lagu sabah saja la khaaann..'. Kan bagus kalau dia cakap 'siok kan ada technology sekarang, mana2 ja kita berada pun buli dengar lagu Dusun'..I really offended! Macam menyindir saya saja ni..i think many times either delete it or leave it there but finally i deleted it.
I know, she wanted to show she is concern and sympathy to my situation now but sorry i just cant accept the way she did it....tak tau macam mana mau explain tapi memang tidak sesuai di hati saya cara dia cakap..macam yang saya suka pula jauh2 dari hubby sama anak sa..eeeii..entah la, geram pula bila saya ingat balik..

The 2nd comment deleted because she started her sentence with 'bogima..' (oops hey,,its not the p****a word okay..) it is in Rungus languange which means almost similar with 'kasian (kasihan)'..i also don't like i deleted it too la..
Really sorry to 'them' because your comments were deleted. I'm not begging for people to 'kasian' me. I prefer support..