Thursday, December 10, 2009


Its been two weeks already Yong2 is here with me.

Now, i understand more of him and i can surely say HE is a little bit spoiled. slightly stubborn too.

I sometimes can't resist to raise my voice when he does something wrong and worse i even can't resist to 'rotan' his little feet when he really refuses to listen to what i say..uhuuhuu..jahat ka sia?..

Well, i just don't want him to be too manja. What makes me always giving up when i'm about to raise my voice, rotan or pinch him is he will make face that make me straight away carry and hug HIM. Trus nda jadi marah. Kalau jadi pun, sia akan menyesal.

Every afternoon when i come back from work, he will wait for me at the gate of our rented house..nah..siok betul sia rasa..buka ja pagar, dia terus minta dukung and peluk sia erat2 macam yang dia rindu betul sama sia..tapi, lepas tu dia tidak mau minta lepas. My mum said, 'baru dia mau merasa dan nampak ko hari2 ba tu'..hmm..betul juga.

Tapi sampai sia nda buli masak, mau mandi pun dia mo ikut, mau pee pun mau juga dia ikut...

I can say that i've been happy for this two weeks but right now..

I'm down.

I miss my hubby so much...argghh..

It strikes me when i was listening to some Dusun love songs. Tiba2 ja sia rasa rindu betul sama hubby..oh gosh!! sedih sia!!

Yong2 is here but i'm still incomplete without my other half..sampai sia TERnangis di ofis.

Oh God, give me strength..