Friday, July 29, 2011

Makan-makan At Office Before Fasting Month Begin

My BIIG breakfast today.:) Our office having a makan-makan before fasting begin next week..all staff donated for the event. I bring winter melon juice from Cosway saja..hehe. Well, my office used to have makan-makan every now and then (sebab nama pun jabatan hospitaliti kan) but this time is the biggest.

Nasi Kerabu.

Our Head of Department in green baju kurung, lead the others to take food..boss dulu ba..hehe!

nasi pulut with kerisik kelapa, Udang masak sambal, Lada sumbat, and telur masin..

Ayam goreng and ikan goreng salut tepung..

Closer look..nasi pulut with kerisik kelapa.

Condiments for nasi kerabu.

Its now almost 1pm, but i still full, had my BIIG breakfast early morning..Another one month starting next week, baru la boleh makan-makan di ofis lagi..