Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Officially 3 Years Old.

Yong2 is officially 3 years old last friday, 22 April 2011. It was an unplanned celebration actually. so, that's why i bought only half kg cake and requested the bakery to add an ultraman toy in the cake.
His best buddy juga la..mesti ada. Notice the ultraman knee wrapped with black sellotape? He broke it but we taught him to repair and not to throw away any of his broken toys..kira pendidikan juga ba tu kan..supaya nanti besar dia pandai fikir, kalau barang rosak cuba baiki dulu sebelum buat keputusan untuk buang.

Didn't want to blow the candles but kept talking to his niece and nephew.

Mummy have to interfere. Macam itu nephew dia yang mau tolong tiup tu lilin. Si birthday boy pula asyik ketawa.

Hmm..since it was an unplanned family party, i with the help of my sis in law (hubby's side) prepare this simple dish~ Laksa Sarawak. I used 'mee kuning' instead of bihun / mee hun..Yummy juga la..because i used the original laksa paste which i bought last time i transit at Kuching Airport..senang juga pula mau masak tu kan..:)
The smile of a 3 years old brother to be.

May the coming days, weeks, months and years will be a blissful and joyful journey, son. Mummy and Daddy loves you!

P/S: I noticed that, approaching 2nd trimester in my pregnancy progress, i slowly getting back my appetite..happy. Its time to get bigger and at least hubby, my mum and mum in law wouldn't be so worry seeing me rejecting food and just lying down every time i came back from work.

HaPpY MOoD!:)