Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Taking break from workload at my desk.

Still in the office. haven't take my lunch due to waiting for my friend/housemate to finish her class. Could be a late lunch..hmm..nasib tak lapar.

After a week holiday plus an emergency leave yesterday, i finally come back to work today..great things waiting for me on my desk..a pile of work..hehe..its a great thing because at least i know that i come to office to work not net surfing...hahaha..

Well...there a lot of occurrancess in my life for the past one week. But i can't update my blog immediately due to lack of FREE time. What most important is i had a great time with family back home throughout my holiday especially in celebrating my 4th brother's wedding on 19th and 22nd last February. Will post some of great pictures of the wedding soon.

There is also some news of my beloved YongYong too. Will also post about it. Till then. Cheers!