Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1, 2, 3,..etc..

1. I hate working now. No more class as this week is study week. Will be busy 2morrow. Kunu la. Polytechnic Johor Bahru 11th Convo.

2. I miss home again. Hometown. Yong2.Hubby. Arggghhh...!!!

3. Terrified with the news told by our neighbour early morning today. Robbery at the TASKA nearby our rented house. The robbers took with them 3 / 4 PCs and printers.

4. Just not very comfortable with some people who are too childish. I mean when come ghost thingy, there are too 'penakut'. I mean hey! Come On! You have GOD that you can depends on. If you believe that there are ghost in your house waiting to munch you anytime, where is the place of GOD instead? You believe ghost more than your God meh?..Think about it.

A post that is nothing to do with the title. Ntah la, today feel so boring after came back from the convo rehearsal dis morning.

I just...wanna go home and be with hubby and son.