Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hubby or Kids?

In the office right now.
This question comes to my mind all of a sudden. Since back from lunch it is keep playing around my mind till i can't concentrate doing my work.;)
Well, a friend of mine asked me during lunch time whether i going back this coming CNY or not.
i said 'no, because my YongYong is here with me.
He then, asked 'Your hubby?'
i replied 'alaa..hubby biar la, yang penting YongYong di sini sama saya'.
Then he replied me ' wonder la'. I guess he understand that for me child comes first.

This question is for those who married and have kid(s).
In any situation: who would comes first? Your Child (ren) or your hubby?

In my situation i found that i put my YongYong at the first place in my life then followed by hubby. There are many reasons and one of it is because YongYong is my only beloved son (at the moment). Its hard to elaborate more. A child hold a very special place in a mum's heart and mind. Nothing can compare.