Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camping at Endau Rompin National Park (Johor-Pahang)

Yeaay..! Tommorrow is the day.

I'm going camping like i post earlier in my fb.
Hehehe..year 2006 was the last year i went camping di Sabah..takut2 sia oo..
besides the excitement i also fear of many if i never go camping kan..
It could be because of the following reasons:
1. this place is not in Sabah - tapi apa beza juga kan, kalau di Sabah camping site di hutan, sini pun hutan juga..hmmm
2. or because of the earthquake that hit Sumatera yesterday which i read in an online newspaper, the effect is also slightly can be felt in Johor - haiyaa..palis2 la kan teda apa2 juga
3. there is no telephone line there -hurmm, hubby is not really agree with me to join at first but since it is part of my responsibility as a tourism lecturer, he let me go finally. Ya la..sepa nda bimbang kan, 3 hari nda buli dihubungi dan di tempat orang pula..Dun worry dear, i'll take care myself and i'm gonna miss talking to you and Yong2 on the phone!

Logik juga la kan sia susah hati..Tapi sia tau HE is walking with me.

May HIS grace be with us throughout the camping. AMEN.