Friday, August 21, 2009

Reasons To Feel Good

Everyone has reasons to feel good like i do..the first thing first is you must set in your mind that 'I FEEL GOOD' all the time. I am telling you this not based on others opinion but it is purely from my own thought and from what i'm keep doing in everyday life and trying to maintain it no matter how big and terrible things come to me. IT WORKS..(even right now i'm crying, missing my son so much)..yeah..i still feel good for many good things that happen in my life recently..

and there is ONE extra ordinary person who makes me FEEL GOOD all the time.GOD.

So, here are some of HIS blessings onto me that makes me feel so good:

1. HE blessed me with new a notebook: ACER ASPIRE, that my hubby can use the old one for his work purpose.

2. HE blessed me with new SE mobile phone in pink colour which i dreamt for it since last year..NC, mesti ko tau mana satu ni kan..yang kita tingu2 sana ground floor centre point tu..hehe..harga dia murah sdh..

3. HE blessed me with a good health and opportunity to remove the oil cloth under my eyes which have been there since the time that i'm not sure either .. i give 100% trust to the team of Adeline Skin Care and Beauty to make the changes for me.
4. HE blessed with an opportunity to play for my department in winning 2nd place in the InterDepartment Netball Games, held last Wednesday. I played as Wing Attack aka WA..huhu..masih sakit2 badan sa sbb nda pernah main sejak tahun 1996..
5. HE blessed me with another chance to 'balik kampung' next week on Friday to see my hubby and son. THE GREATEST BLESS OF ALL and the main reason i feel so good today..sambil nyanyi lagu iklan 'i feel good'..(*__*).