Sunday, February 5, 2012

All i see is food and everything looks so yummy!

Just would like to share my sons latest progress.:)

Here they are, seems like both can get along very well.


My Dane @ Bimbim is now 4 months 5 days. 
As a 4 months baby, he grows up accordingly to the standard growth chart. He started showing interest to everything around him. Especially food. Kesian, terpaksa la setiap kali makan, mesti calit sikit2 di mulut dia baru dia puas hati. During Chinese new year pula, dia tertelan tu cebisan limau yang saya bagi dia hisap..nasib teda apa2.. Current hobby is sucking his fingers. Watching tv also one of his hobby. He also loves watching his big brother playing..
Hmm..tommorow is holiday right? Nah, hepi holiday to all ya.:)