Thursday, April 14, 2011

I actually love taking pictures!

..especially nature pictures! Even though i do not own expensive camera but still i love taking pictures..That's why i love going to nature sites where hills, rivers, sea, trees, animals, flowers and all nature elements can be found..siok ba.

I consider my kampung is one of the place that i will like the most even it is not a tourist site, but it does have all the elements. I always feel reluctant to going back to town whenever my holiday is over..macam mau tinggal di kampung ja. Just if Kudat has polytechnic, i'll be the first person apply for transfer.

Seja-seja mau share, the pictures below were taken last January when we went back to my beloved village.'Kampung Lokoton, Kudat'. Its only the pictures itselves. teda edit-edit..:)

My sister..on the way to our paddy farm to collect some vegetables.

The Bamboo shoot.

The banana trees. Usually planted nearby our paddy farm.
The swamp area. I used to play and find crab here during my young days.

The baby pumpkin.
The unripe paddy / rice. I miss the harvesting season where the greeny paddy farm will turn to gold as the rice already ripe.

Si katak. I always see this kind of frog at our home during raining and during harvesting season, it will stay at our rice storage. My mum said, 'Jaga padi ba tu'..
Ikan keli @ catfish. In Rungus we call it 'Gomutan'. I used to imagine that when a centipede fell into river, it will transform to a catfish..huahua..funny! That's why i do not eat this fish.

That's all..ermm i think i like my enttry today so much! :)