Monday, August 13, 2012

DenDen Vs YongYong

DenDen: abang, tu na itu skru macam longgar..kasi ketat dulu tu..
Abang Yong2: iya, kasi ketat la ini..

Abang Yong2: Eh, kenapa ini roda ini miring?
Denden: Besi sebelah sini lurus juga ini..

Denden: Berani abang nda kasi naik saya..saya tahan ini roda ini..naa..cuba abang kasi jalan kalau abang kuat..adik tahan ni.
YongYong2: ai..susah juga ini mau kayuh ni basikal..rosak ka ini?

hehe...that was one of my weekend activity..watching my kids playing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : # 1

My response when a friend suddenly direct his camera toward me, today.:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hiu's Girls

Born in a big family make me feel so lucky. 
They are many reasons for that.
But the top of it is this:

L - R: Me (1st daughter and the 6th child, My 2nd sister in the middle which is the 10th in the family, and My 3rd sister who is also the youngest.

From 11 siblings, we are the only lucky girls, stand out of the crowd of The Hiu's gentlemen.
I was/am the luckiest, i guess.

 My teenhood surrounded by 5 handsome men watching every step i made, until the day i got married. Feel secured enough.:) 

However, the only thing i regretted (should i?) was i missed those moments a growing girl supposed to enjoy..No boy dared to flirt with me , no love letters from classmates even some guys were so admiring me, Haha!
siapa berani kacau kalau ada 5 bodyguard ba kan? anak ketua kampung lagi..haha!

But then, i think i will not be who i am now if not my beloved brothers..they supported me financially and spiritually throughout my 3 years studies in university. There were / are my true heroes. 
Sayang abang2ku semua..

Back to the Hiu's Girls, we were not in close relationship when we were kids..ya la, macam mana mau rapat kalau pada waktu saya kanak-kanak, diorang belum ada.

I mean, jarak antara kami yang tidak membenarkan kami untuk membesar bersama. 
But now, it seems that we are needing each other often especially when one in need.
I love my sisters and also my brothers.

Just don't know why in sudden i feel emo today..

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Boboboy..

Just wanna share the joy of my life..My first son Yong2 aged 4 years and 2 months and my 2nd son DenDen is 8 months and 11 days.
Hope both of you doing good today and be nice to your new babysitter.
May God bless my sons.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Hari ini saya mau share2 satu web yang sangat la menarik perhatian saya. 


It made me crazy buying very cheap deals online.

I think many people knew this site for long time already.
mungkin saya saja yang lambat tahu..hihi..

Ini la ini kalau tidak dengar dari kawan-kawan, mana tau benda-benda ni semua.

Saya mendapati offers dari web ni sangat-sangat la menarik perhatian, murah dari harga sebenar dan rasanya tidak rugi kalau beli. Memang berbaloi. 

hari ni saja saya beli dua deals ooo..hoho..:

1. Set untuk facial dan massage bernilai rm56 untuk 2 orang. Of course untuk saya dan hubby tersayang..:) Mau juga tingu muka dia lepas kena facial.

2. Entrance fee to Water World Theme Park di Bukit Padang , RM15 untuk 4 orang..biasanya entrance fee rm15 per person. Yang ini memang murah oo. Tiket ni valid untuk 4 bulan sampai September. so boleh plan bila mau cuti dan mandi puas2 di sana..mesti my son suka, boleh main air lama-lama.

Oh ya,
mungkin ada yang mau tau mcm mana mau beli kan.
Mula2 register saja. Kalau dah register, ada sudah akaun kita, senang la mau beli-beli lagi. Saya jamin, lepas beli satu, mesti kamurang mau beli lagi offer-offer yang menarik tu..(mcm saya..hihi!)

lepas tu, kalau dah confirm mau beli mana satu, ikut ja arahan sampai payment. 
Payment melalui bank transfer ja. Hampir semua bank yang biasa kita guna ada.

Lepas bayar boleh print voucher untuk di bawa ke tempat yang kita mau pigi sebagai bukti pembelian online.
senang kan..hehe.
Mari ramai-ramai kasi aramai ti..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh from the Sea

Hmm..since dearest blog was on problem for long time, many update was being put on draft mode, so i decided to repost them.

This was supposed to be posted on Easter Day:

Happy Easter Day to all Christians out there!
How's your Sunday and also your Easter's Day?
Hope everything went good today..;)

Just would like to share the photo below.

You see fish? Hehe..yepp..Its the fish that my husband caught yesterday. 
I remembered while i pregnant with my second son, husband was always went trawling and fishing. Its his hobby actually. Lucky me got to eat fresh fish often. sure good for the baby.:)

Testing Post..

I wonder if my blog problem being solved already or not. Last time, everytime i wanted to log in and posting, it will be automatically directed to another site. It was so annoying and made me so upset. I couldn't update my blog due to it..

Today, i tried again and seems its not happening again..So, maybe blogspot rectified it for me without me reporting to them? if yes, well, thank you blogspot admin.:)

I will continue blogging again..:)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Roti Sedap at Uncle's Biscuit, Damai Plaza.

Good morning..
saja mau share roti sedap yang tidak miss beli bila ada kesempatan. Tapi malangnya, saya betul2 tak ingat nama penuh roti ni. Yang penting ada 'turkey ham' namanya. Mungkin sebab di dalam roti ni ada turkey ham dan sikit cheese..sadap..:)
1 loaf = rm3.90

siapa mau try, pigi la cari sana Damai, senang juga mau cari tu..try google juga
sebab ramai blogger juga yang tulis pasal ni bakery shop ni.
Produk lain yang juga sedap, durian pancake rm1.90 satu kalau belum naik harga.,swiss roll yang pelbagai perisa pun ada. Dalam banyak2 tu, saya suka yang durian swiss roll juga. Terasa durian dalam swiss roll tu. Kedai lain tiada setakat ni.

hehe..Dane pun mau try2 makan konon, tapi sebenarnya belum boleh makan. Saja bagi dia pegang.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

License to yummy food!

Its 1st April 2012.
My 2nd son Baby Dane has turn to 6 months old today. Finally, 
he has the licenses to taste all yummy food in the world already , and i cant wait to let him explore different and variety of food flavour. 

As a beggining today, 
I started his first day meal with this recipe..

Green Rice Porridge blended with fresh fish fillet
Green Rice. It is actually newly harvest rice, produced traditionally. Its colour is green because its taken from the half-riped paddy, fried in a wok without oil until its turn dry and hard. After that the rice is pounded to get rid of the husk..naa..inilah hasilnya. Sedap dibuat bubur.;)

The mix-green rice porridge and fish. Ready to blend!

Taada! Its ready to eat!

Extra picture: Dane is blowing his 6 months old candle. 
In fact, i don't sure what cake is this. Hubby bought it from Uncle's Biscuit Bakery last night.But its taste nice!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Netball and me

What's your favorite schooltime game and you were very good playing it?
Its not me really but i can do something like that in the picture.

Why i love playing netball?
Because the game's rule is very brief. Plus, i have a good talent in jumping as high as i can to catch the ball before the opponent get it..sepa mau cuba?hehhee.. 

(Source of Pict: Mr Google).

The netball court.
GK = Goal Keeper
GS= Goal Shooter
GA= Goal attack
GD= Goal Defender
WD = Wing Defender
WA= Wing Attack

Above is the full name of each symbol in the court. I played almost all positions but i am very good at keeping the goal safe from the opponent goal shooter..
hmm..hmm..why all of sudden i talk about netball ni a?
Because yesterday, i had a great game (organized by the administration unit and my department was invited to join) for the first time ever after almost 27 years i leave school. 27 years tuu...i last played in 2006 in the district level as a school representative.
Penat, and lama sudah tidak lompat2 oo..Masih lenguh2 kaki-kakiku ini.
Rupa-rupanya badan ni tidak lagi sekuat dan se-'fit'dulu. (well, lama sudah sedar tapi semangat kesukanan tu masih bersisa di jiwa ba..cehh kunu!)

After this..i guess there will be more games since the first game was a success to our department (for your info, selama ni jabatan saya nda pernah join match yang jabatan lain buat sebab tidak cukup players)
..and to be added into the resume..
main futsal...
hahaha..ini kali la nda pernah main futsal..tiba2 kena jemput main lagi..haha!
Tapi, nampaknya perkataan 'tidak pernah' itu akan berubah status.
Everything has a beginning ba kan..:)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kisah hati dan cinta

Just visited Kay's blog at www. and i was inspired by her poem. I was listening to some fav from Aerosmith's songs at the same time...all school time memories came back in mind. Its all about good and bad memories made it worth to keep it alive in mind. 
Some of it that i treasure the most is story of a love being rejected by someone that i admired so much. 
But love naturally is like least in my point of view, love being rejected and rejecting someone that is wanting your love so much is one of the game, before the true love harboured. I have gone through all those experiences. (*-^).

Well, whatever it is, all those just to enrich life experience. Present life is to treasure, more. 
While the poem below is just an expression of  my life. Just a share.:)

Suatu waktu dulu
kasih padamu
bagai memeluk angin
rasanya ada jasadnya tiada
kuluah jua bimbang terlepas
Walau akhirnya kecewa.

Suatu waktu dulu
kasih yang pernah kau tolak
kau tagih kembali
ketika itu
hanya maaf ku pohon
kerna hati
sudah kuserah
pada yang sudi
pada yang menghargai.

walau sedih melihatmu kecewa
ku tak mampu memberi kembali
hati yang sedang bahagia.

setidaknya ku tahu kini
hati ini pernah ada
dekat di hati mu

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lokan Panggang, at Jalan Sulaman, KK

Siapa minat makan seafood?
Ada sesiapa pernah cuba ka makan 'Lokan Panggang' di gerai-gerai sana Jalan Sulaman? Kalau nda tau di mana, sana yang dekat Politkenik Kota Kinabalu ba..:)

Fresh Lokan. Kalau dalam bahasa Rungus kami panggil 'tagum'. Ingat lagi masa di kampung selalu ikut mama saya cari ni di kawasan paya bakau. Seronok. Sekarang, jarang sangat berkesempatan mencari sendiri 'tagum' ini.  Kalau mau makan, terus beli saja.

Lokan yang telah siap dipanggang dan sedia dimakan. Siap dikopek dan siap dihidang dengan sambal lagi. Sambal digerai yang kami pilih agak sedap juga. Pernah mencuba di gerai yang lain, tidak sesedap gerai pertama kami makan. Malangnya kedai tu teda nama. Tapi saya ingat mana satu la. Gerai yang paling dekat dengan signboard biru kalau nda silap yang ada tulisan kota kinabalu berapa km lagi. 

Proses memanggang in progress.

Panggang guna bahan api asli lagi tu.

Hmm..kalau ada yang mau cuba, pigi la sana Jalan Sulaman ya..sambil minum kelapa bakar dan makan dessert puding kelapa. Tapi teda ambil gambar pula yang itu dua.
Highly recommended untuk kawan-kawan yang datang jauh dari semenanjung. :)
Cuba jangan tak cuba!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Mesti ramai mummy di luar sana yang telah menggunakan lampin moden atau 'Cloth Diaper' sebagai ganti lampin pakai buang kan?
Setakat ini saya hanya mempunyai 8 CD sahaja. Biasanya semua kena guna dalam sehari. Ingin menambah koleksi tapi belum berkesempatan. 
Walau bagaimanapun, dengan hanya menggunakan 8 CD sudah cukup memberi kesan yang positif terhadap budget lampin pakai buang setiap bulan. 
Biasanya untuk lampin pakai buang saya memperuntukan RM200 sebulan. Dengan penggunaan CD saya berjaya menjimatkan perbelanjaan ke lebih kurang RM80 saja. Kira ok la kan. Sebenarnya yang penting rajin cuci lepas pakai dan keringkan. 
Ada yang telah mengumpul sampai berpuluh-puluh CD, itu lagilah jimat. 

Baby Dane@Bimbim wearing CD with bamboo insert. 

Selesa dan jarang sekali dapat ruam. Mau rajin tukar, selepas 2 jam atau sentiasa cek la, kalau rasa banyak kencing sudah, tukar.:)
Next planning, mau tambah collection CD.
Saya mau beli di sana kedai si Nadia ( nda silap nama kedai Babylowe Shop, One Borneo, dibelakang kedai Cotton dia bilang. Jom kita pigi beli ramai-ramai. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

All i see is food and everything looks so yummy!

Just would like to share my sons latest progress.:)

Here they are, seems like both can get along very well.


My Dane @ Bimbim is now 4 months 5 days. 
As a 4 months baby, he grows up accordingly to the standard growth chart. He started showing interest to everything around him. Especially food. Kesian, terpaksa la setiap kali makan, mesti calit sikit2 di mulut dia baru dia puas hati. During Chinese new year pula, dia tertelan tu cebisan limau yang saya bagi dia hisap..nasib teda apa2.. Current hobby is sucking his fingers. Watching tv also one of his hobby. He also loves watching his big brother playing..
Hmm..tommorow is holiday right? Nah, hepi holiday to all ya.:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blurry and Zero

Thats it. 
Blurr and zero. As if i am just appointed to this job. Tidak tau apa2 ni.
First day of working after 3 months off from office work thingy. 
Baby seja yang ada dalam fikiran. 
How is he right now? its thirty minutes to 5pm. 
After lunch tadi, sempat lagi saya balik rumah untuk susukan baby..poor him, nampak seja saya di pintu terus bersinar-sinar mata dia. Bila saya acah-acah dan cakap kesian baby, terus mulut dia 'biut' mau menangis..huhu..memang kelaparan, sebab dia tak mau susu botol. 
Hati ni hiba melihat dia macam tu apatah lagi bila adik saya cakap dia menangis sepanjang ketiadaan saya. Ya la, 3 bulan berkepit dengan mummy, sudah tentu dia terasa ketiadaan saya. Dan ini hanya hari pertama, esok tak tau lagi.. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Its the second day of the new year. 
Yesterday was a bright day. 
Today, plus breezy early morning. 
It looks like a good sign of a bright days ahead this year, right? Well, everyone hopes the same i think. 
Like as usual, i pretty sure each of us busy setting new resolution(s) to be achieved. 
For me, its not really a resolution but its more to a 'HOPE (s)' that will be accomplished : career wise. Yes. I mentioned it.  
Last year, i gave priority to my personal life rather than career due to my second pregnancy. This year, i hope i achieved another stage in what i am doing now. 
Yepp, in line with the new increment given by government to all government servants. I want to excel. Yes, that's it..but don't get me wrong excel in our work, it needs friends around to support and to work with..mesti bekerjasama la maksudnya. Tidak boleh sendiri-sendiri. Nanti kalau berjaya capai, celebrate sama2 dengan rakan sekerja,lagi terasa puas hati kan..One plan already in the middle of discussion among colleagues..projek besar dan melibatkan pelajar-pelajar juga..tidak sabar rasanya..;)

Tomorrow; my first day working after 3 months maternity leave. Another matter to think of. Baby is doing fine and very healthy. Baby sitter thingy done. 
Thanks God it is a good timing i deliver my second child because my younger sister is just finish her study in form 5..nah, apa lagi, terus saya sambar dia jaga baby Dane. 
The only thing is si Dane ni tidak mahu susu botol...huhu..i tried to train him tapi berabis menangis. Sehinggalah saya bagi breastfeed. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. 
Memang akan berabis menangis..i also can imagined saya akan lari balik rumah mau kasi susu dia and then lari lagi pigi office sambung kerja...adodoi..tak tau la, just wait for tomorrow. For whatever it will happen, lets Lord take care of the rest la kan..
So for now, i better go to sleep. Really need to get my mind ready for tomorrow: First time leaving my new Baby Dane to work. Its going to be a tough day, i think.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I am really feel like giving the world a loud 'Hello", right now. Macam 'mulau-ulau' (gila-gila) saya rasa..haha!

Nah..Its been ages i disappear from the blogging world. Last update was on 16 September last year..uiseh..macam lama sudah tahun lalu kan, padahal baru seja kemarin..hehe!
Apa-apa pun, Selamat Tahun Baru 2012 untuk semua, untuk sesiapa saja yang terlimpas blog saya hari ini. Semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun lalu dan rezeki kita semua bertambah-tambah. Amen.
Tahun 2012, hmm..apa yang baru dalam hidup kamurang? Kalau saya sudah tentulah dengan kehadiran si dia ni:

Danzell Jeremy Marius . Turn exactly 3 months old today.
Chubby right? full breastfeeding baby ni. Tidak mau susu botol langsung.

This year absolutely will be more meaningful to us-me and hubby. With two kids to take care..mesti lebih meriah lagi, apatah lagi bila nanti ultraman yang satu ini sudah pandai berjalan..Sementara si abang aka Yong Yong, semakin bijak berkata-kata dan sudah tentu semakin ada kedegilannya.
walau apa pun, saya sangat bersyukur dikurniakan anak-anak yang sihat dan cergas. Rasanya kehadiran anak ke-dua kali ini turut diiringi rezeki yang bertambah dalam kedua-dua karier saya dan juga hubby. 

Tahun ini, melalui budget 2012, kami penjawat awam naik gaji, hubby pula dalam masa sebulan bekerja di tempat baru telah 2 kali dinaikkan pangkat..syukur sangat2. 
Tapi di sebalik itu, masanya untuk bersama keluarga sedikit kurang dicuri kesibukan melaksanakan tanggungjawab baru..hmm..itu pun patut disyukuri juga la kan.
and me? will try harder to get use to it..will be a stronger independent mama! :) Agaknya, boleh jadi azam baru saya la ini kan? hehe.