Sunday, April 1, 2012

License to yummy food!

Its 1st April 2012.
My 2nd son Baby Dane has turn to 6 months old today. Finally, 
he has the licenses to taste all yummy food in the world already , and i cant wait to let him explore different and variety of food flavour. 

As a beggining today, 
I started his first day meal with this recipe..

Green Rice Porridge blended with fresh fish fillet
Green Rice. It is actually newly harvest rice, produced traditionally. Its colour is green because its taken from the half-riped paddy, fried in a wok without oil until its turn dry and hard. After that the rice is pounded to get rid of the husk..naa..inilah hasilnya. Sedap dibuat bubur.;)

The mix-green rice porridge and fish. Ready to blend!

Taada! Its ready to eat!

Extra picture: Dane is blowing his 6 months old candle. 
In fact, i don't sure what cake is this. Hubby bought it from Uncle's Biscuit Bakery last night.But its taste nice!