Monday, November 30, 2009

Breaking The Frozen Ice

Good Day to all blogger's friend.(or bloggers' friend? lupa la mana satu betul. correct me if i'm wrong ya).

What a title, right? Hehhee..

I've been missing from the blogworld for ages ..huhuu..tidak juga sibuk tapi malas nak tulis apa2..poor blog of me.......

Last saturday i attended Nc's weeding reception. Happy to see her finally settled down and join the club. Welcome to the club Nc! and hope your marriage will be blessed forever. I was unable to take pictures because my video cam is still at the shop for repairing...sedih juga. lambat betul siap repair.

At the reception, i met Nadia a.k.a NadKris, whom before i only know and chat through FB and blog..Nad, memang serupa dengan yg di gambar sama yang sebenar..Hahahaha..memang la ba kan..Nice and happy to see her and Kris.

Nad:Will pray for you both so that your planning for your next year wedding going smoothly.

Just a big update i guess, from now till 23rd december, Yong2 is here with in JB..Happy but sad..Sian daddy dia. Time d airport semalam, macam mo menangis daddy dia sebab kali ni giliran dia pula berjauhan dengan Yong2. Darling dear, that's the feeling i felt before. Don't worry, i'll take good care of our little prince.

So, that means for a moment i'll be functioning as a mum, fully.