Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Re-Union

Grabbed this picture from Michelle's FB. Even some friends are missing but still the mini re-union was a memorable one. Wishing that can have gathering with ex-uni mates every month. Love u guys!!


I spoke to my son just now. (As if he can talk like an adult already!).

He just woke up, my MIL say he listened to the voice on the phone, but say nothing.
While i can heard my MIL kept saying

'Mama tu bercakap. Panggil mama, mama, mama'

My usual script when i call him:

Hello Yong2!
Apa khabar? Baru bangun? Sudah makan?
Apa Yong2 makan hari ni?
Kenapa Yong2 batuk? (if he is coughing while i'm talking).
Papa di mana? Kerja?
Cakap la Yong2! Mama ni. Tidak rindu mama ka?
Eee..Yong2 ni jahat la sama mama. Tidak mau cakap. Nanti mama tidak mau sayang Yong2 tau. (I hope he didn't take heart of this one).

Mama ada beli baju baru untuk Yong2 tau. Cantik tau! Nanti mama bawa balik aa...

I usually keep talking as long as i have chance untill he refuse to listen anymore.

but today my son still kept quite. No response. Perhaps he is recognizing my voice. My MIL told me he looked at the phone and concentrate on the voice coming out from it (the loudspeaker turned on).

Again, my MIL said, 'cakap la Yong2. Panggil 'mama'. Pandai sudah kan panggil 'mama' macam Yong2 panggil 'papa'. Kesian mama!'

The 'kesian mama' sentence suddenly made me hurt and down again..Tears rolling down matter how strong i tell myself 'DON"T CRY, DON"T CRY'.

Not long after that my MIL told again, 'nah dia tolak sdh ini telefon'.
Thats mean he didn't want to listen anymore. At that time, i already sobbing but need to control since i have a short conversation with MIL. Just informed her i can not go home this month beacause i need to attend the 'Kursus Induksi' in Penang for about 2 weeks.

Then, the phone call ended.

I am STRONG actually but i just can't control this one. Only this one. That is anything about child.
But yeahh..if i dun take care of myself and let myself drowning into this will be in a big trouble. Relieved to know that there many people full of loves and ready to comfort me, support me and be my good advisor when i'm down.