Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Title

Ahahahaa..i'm in the mood of laughing.

An officemate who was packing her things suddenly found a long forgotten picture. A picture of her and her fellows when he just joined Polytechnic Johor Bahru aka PJB about 10-11 years ago! In that picture she was 'S' size but now has become 'L'..Everyone starting to comparing their sizes based on the picture, begin to tease each other, made the very warm afternoon in office full with laughter.

..you were so cute in this picture',you looked chubbier', 'oh no la, its my tudung made me look chubby', eh, why you look nerdy here?', 'macam lidi o kau dulu2'

..hahhaa..some comments to each others. Belum lagi diorang nampak gambar saya time form 5 dulu..macam ada katak gemuk ja di pipi kiri kanan. gemukss betul.

for 2-3 minutes the forgotten picture made my office alive. haha here and there.

I guess its a good therapy before we start busy weeks ahead. Yes. busy weeks. Old students are coming back to continue their study tomorrow. The December Session is starting this week.

I am ready to face my new students. I am ready to learn more. I am ready to give more. I am ready for whatever the result of transfer will be..which is promised next week. Earlier promised is actually on 1st December, result will be out..huh, tidak apa la.

Maybe God wants to torture me more with this temporary separation with my loved ones. Thanks God. For whatever reason YOU doing this to me. I still thank YOU.

Ah, malas la mau ingat pasal perpindahan tu..lebih baik sy ketawa saja dulu..ahahaha!