Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its how i am doing today :)

Many people believe in a theory that pictures sometimes can be the best instrument to express certain things. I also do.

Yours truly, as for today. Picture taken early morning today before going to office. I wear red blouse = happy. I feel that what i wear pictures my mood of the day. I always choose office attire based on my mood. That means, i must iron all my office attire at one time so that i can pick them and put it on anytime. Rabbit smile; that's me! ^-*.

Hmm..feel like sharing some good progress of my beloved son.

Pictures of my son trying his best to button his shirt after i encouraged him few times to do it by himself. I learned so many things since he came into our lives. I noticed that my son is not a kid that give up before trying every time i ask him to do something by himself which is in the future i'm sure will help him in many ways. God's willing. For the first time he didn't make it, turned to me and said; 'Ma, x pandai la'.

Few days after i the pictures above, an evening after i bathed him, i purposely unbutton his shirt and this was what i saw. He was trying patiently to button his shirt till didn't aware of me taking his picture. This time he also didn't make it but at least he tried his best. Will need to remind and encourage him again and again till he does. But so far that is his progress.

Proud of you my Yong2!