Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Welcoming is a wonderful day.

After Sunday prayer, me and two other friends (PJB lecturer also) took time to meet the new students from Sabah and Sarawak. There were about 6 of them.

We had lunch together and while having lunch give them chance to share their experience. It is good to hear that all of them promise to adapt to the campus life. After that took them to buy their needs. One of the girl from Ranau, craving for durian. So, since the durian here is very cheap and available almost all the time, we took them to KIPMART (a supermarket) to buy some durian.

FYI, you can buy durian here as cheap as RM1 per piece..some RM2 /RM 3 per piece, and some RM10 for 4 / 6 pieces...murah kan? Tapi mesti pandai pilih juga la. If you want the good grade which is a little bit expensive, the price is still affordable compare to the price in Sabah.

We bought 6 pieces (the RM2 per piece) and headed to my friend's house to makan2..and now perut sa rasa panas. Maybe i had too much of it. Hehhehee..Jadi kawan2, kalau mo makan durian puas2 jom datang Johor. Aisehmen..promote kunu ni..

Next time, i go back to Sabah i want to bring durian. Some friends suggest and had tried a very safe way to bring back durian by flight.

Of course you can not bring the whole piece of it la. They said senang saja..ambil ulas durian tu and masuk dalam kontena, seal kontena tu rapat2 and ketat2..kalau buli bungkus la berapa lapik ko mau..pas tu jangan bawa masuk dalam kapal tu, masuk kan dalam kargo...however, i'm not dare enough to try..hehehhe..

Alright, thats all for now. I better focus on my preparation for tomorrow class. I kept postponding it since yesterday..besa ni buat last minute preparation macam juga time study dulu. Jam 8am lg tu..

Ooopsss!! lari tajuk ka saya ni..