Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...i feel annoyed when people say this to me:

'i think, you are getting skinnier'.

i don't know why..hmm..

I also just found out that a friend of mine listed me as 'Evelyn Kering Kontang' in his handphone...kurang asam punya kawan...teda gelaran lain lagi ka dia mau bagi saya.(:

i don't mad but i just feel annoyed and frustrated.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleepy Entry :) (with the eyes that barely open)

I feel damn sleepy right now at office..maybe i ate too much just now. but how come? I just had vegetable soup, fried fish and sambal belacan for lunch at a restaurant called HOME..hehhe..far better than spend money outside for food that is not really meet my bud taste.

In fact, i always wanted to have breakfast and lunch at home during weekdays but sometimes work does not permit me to going back home during lunch time.

This week is semester break but i don't going back to Sabah this time around. I'll be on leave on Thursday, Friday and next Monday. Hubby is visiting me and Yong2. Yeaahh!! Can't wait. This is his first time flying and first time coming to Johor ever since i work here. Hope he will be good on plane! hehe..

what to say more aa..(thinking what else to write)

hmm..i'm a bit hesitate to mention that this year i wanna gain weight...(shy, shy,shy..!!) Found that i'm annoyed with some friends telling me that i'm too skinny (sometimes). A new friend i met told me that i should be a bit bigger than my size now looking at my body frames. I don't know why, her word is keep whizzing in my ears..haish..(but i'm not blaming her la). Hubby is also feel that i should gain 2 or 3 kg to be added to my current weight (47kg)...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

so, what should i do? i eat more than my housemate (her size is just like me) but still no change. Where all the nutrients and vitamins gone? Is there a big worm inside my stomach eating them before all the nutrients and vitamins being absorbed by my body?..huhuu..what a crazy thought!

or is it because i'm a busy woman? working hard at office (ow, really?) and never ending mum's responsibilities at home?..hohoo..it could be the reason too. But i promise to grab any food on my way to make sure my resolution this year accomplished.

Eh, did i mentioned RESOLUTION? As far as my concern, since beginning of this year, i never set anything as my resolution yet, and today suddenly i set ONE..hahahaha..a resolution has been set in the sleepy mode..(can't help but i smileeeee in front of my lappy).

Well, friends, you all need to wish me luck!! (thinking what to cook this evening)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Driving Class: the 1st 2 hours on the road

Finally i continue my driving class after being delayed for few months. Today is my 1st 2 hours driving on the road, started at 10am to 12pm. I supposed to take another 2 hours at 1pm to 3pm but i canceled it last minute. My 'cikgu' told me i will be fined rm5 perhour if i cancel it last minute but after i checked with the lady on duty at their counter, she said its okay. (of course after i gave her a strong reason: wanna take my son to the doctor).

In fact, i wanted to continue but this is weekend and i don't want my son being taken care by his babysitter too long on weekend..tidak sanggup pula saya rasa, kalau boleh hujung minggu biar la saya jaga sepenuh masa. kecuali betul2 terpaksa.

back to the story of my driving class;
hehee..so far not bad. My cikgu (Cikgu Hisham) is not talking much while we were on the road. No friendly talk between us. At 10.15am he gave me the car key and said: nombor 9457 kereta paling hujung, buat 5 perkara. jangan jalan dulu, tunggu cikgu. Macam la saya berani jalan kalau tiada cikgu di sebelah..hahhaa!

With the car key in my hand i walked toward the car and did the 5 steps before he came...eisehh..macam pro driver sdh konon sia time tu padahal berdebar-debar jantungku..haks!
He then said: okay, jalan. masuk gear satu, lepas clutch perlahan-lahan, tekan minyak. imbang..
believe or not, I AM ON THE ROAD ALREADY!!! tried to be calm as possible as i could (sebenarnya sedikit excited juga sebab akhirnya boleh belajar memandu di jalan raya), focus on what the cikgu ask me to do; tukar gear tekan clutch, at the junction pasang lampu isyarat membelok (common sense la), bila berhenti di simpang/traffic light bebaskan gear tarik handbreak and bla bla bla...hishh..banyak pula mau diingat tau.. I don't like la, cuba la kereta auto yang diguna utk belajar driving.tidak la penat and lagi senang..nasib la dah belajar sikit2 dengan hubby. tak la terkial-kial sangat.

My 1st big mistake today..enjin mati three times i tell you..hehhee..1st one, while waiting for the light to turn green, i let go the clutch because my kaki penat sangat..sorry cikgu!!!(*^).
2nd and 3rd, clutch and minyak tak seimbang..nasib cikgu tak marah sebab yang lain2 teknikal okay dia bilang.
I drove two rounds at the Route A (Pasir Gudang Complex) and once at Route B (Pasir Gudang Circuit)..i'm still not satisfied with my performance. But like one of the staff (not my cikgu-he didn't say anything nice to me) after tell me, this is only your first session, be good in next time. thank you though!

So, in my part i think i need to recap especially what need to be done at the junction and traffic lights. Macam saya kena buat nota o ni..hahaa..u guys don't laugh at me a..just wish me luck and supoort me supaya berjaya sampai dapat lesen nanti...i kan baru belajar.:) :)

So, that's all about my first two hours driving class on the road. the Next session, i haven't booked yet. But planning to continue next saturday.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now i can breath normally

The last 4 days recently really put me in a tense situation. YongYong was not feeling well for the past 4 days since we back from Sabah.

First he vomited due to his tonsils swollen, followed by high fever and after recover from number 1 & 2, come the bad rashes at his nappy area. Still in medication. In the process of recovering.

I tell you, when your little one not feeling well, they will turn very- very -very demanding. All they want is your 100% attention! I was so stress when i can't stop him crying due to the pain he feel. What double my tense was because i'm the only one with him here in JB. I tell you again, its not easy taking care a sick child alone especially when that is your first time experience. Saya boleh jadi over stress ooo..

But like i keep telling myself, THIS IS A MUM'S LIFE SHOULD BE. If last Sunday i decided to leave him with his grandma back in Sabah, and let them handle my son while he was sick, maybe until now i don't feel as good as now.

What most important is, I feel i'm stronger now after been through the 4 tense days alone.(with less help also from my housemate, but no question because she is not married and she has his own business. Nevertheless, thank you so much to her for sending and accompanying us to clinic!)

Now, i can breath normally and have my ease of mind. Even not totally but at least i can say it is in 95% level. Praised to the Almighty God!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Taking break from workload at my desk.

Still in the office. haven't take my lunch due to waiting for my friend/housemate to finish her class. Could be a late lunch..hmm..nasib tak lapar.

After a week holiday plus an emergency leave yesterday, i finally come back to work today..great things waiting for me on my desk..a pile of work..hehe..its a great thing because at least i know that i come to office to work not net surfing...hahaha..

Well...there a lot of occurrancess in my life for the past one week. But i can't update my blog immediately due to lack of FREE time. What most important is i had a great time with family back home throughout my holiday especially in celebrating my 4th brother's wedding on 19th and 22nd last February. Will post some of great pictures of the wedding soon.

There is also some news of my beloved YongYong too. Will also post about it. Till then. Cheers!