Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleepy Entry :) (with the eyes that barely open)

I feel damn sleepy right now at office..maybe i ate too much just now. but how come? I just had vegetable soup, fried fish and sambal belacan for lunch at a restaurant called HOME..hehhe..far better than spend money outside for food that is not really meet my bud taste.

In fact, i always wanted to have breakfast and lunch at home during weekdays but sometimes work does not permit me to going back home during lunch time.

This week is semester break but i don't going back to Sabah this time around. I'll be on leave on Thursday, Friday and next Monday. Hubby is visiting me and Yong2. Yeaahh!! Can't wait. This is his first time flying and first time coming to Johor ever since i work here. Hope he will be good on plane! hehe..

what to say more aa..(thinking what else to write)

hmm..i'm a bit hesitate to mention that this year i wanna gain weight...(shy, shy,shy..!!) Found that i'm annoyed with some friends telling me that i'm too skinny (sometimes). A new friend i met told me that i should be a bit bigger than my size now looking at my body frames. I don't know why, her word is keep whizzing in my ears..haish..(but i'm not blaming her la). Hubby is also feel that i should gain 2 or 3 kg to be added to my current weight (47kg)...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

so, what should i do? i eat more than my housemate (her size is just like me) but still no change. Where all the nutrients and vitamins gone? Is there a big worm inside my stomach eating them before all the nutrients and vitamins being absorbed by my body?..huhuu..what a crazy thought!

or is it because i'm a busy woman? working hard at office (ow, really?) and never ending mum's responsibilities at home?..hohoo..it could be the reason too. But i promise to grab any food on my way to make sure my resolution this year accomplished.

Eh, did i mentioned RESOLUTION? As far as my concern, since beginning of this year, i never set anything as my resolution yet, and today suddenly i set ONE..hahahaha..a resolution has been set in the sleepy mode..(can't help but i smileeeee in front of my lappy).

Well, friends, you all need to wish me luck!! (thinking what to cook this evening)


akmj said...

hmmm... i think i know who that NEW FRIEND is :)

hey, think TWICE before you want to gain weight.

and think TWICE before you simply grab any food.

It's easy to gain weight, but not easy to lose.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO BE HEALTHY. fat or thin - not important.

Zoi said...

Angie: shhh..don't tell her.He is sincere commenting on me and i take it positively. I don't take heart at all la actually. There are some other friends who tell me the same.

hehe..don't worry i grab 'healthy food' only. You should always drop by at my house to makan..last night i cooked chicken soup again. still got some..come la! :)

fat or thin..i choose 'OR'..hehheehheee...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zoi, try drinking Chinese green tea. It will freshen you up as well bring a glow to your day.
3 to 5 cups will keep you in good health too.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Zoi said...

hi Uncle Lee..its nice to see you here and drop some nice advices for me.
I'll try it..its been long time already i don't drink chinese green tea..will look for it at the nearest store! Thanks again Uncle Lee! nice day to u too.