Friday, August 28, 2009

its good to be at home.

Yupp. i am now at home. My real home i mean. In Kota Kinabalu.

Touched down at Kota Kinabalu today from Johor Bahru at 9.33am..

I feel like wanna hug my hubby when i saw him waiting for me right in front of the arrival hall this morning..hahhaa..

Just a frank confession from me, i don't know why if other wives feel the same way with me or not..but i do feel excited to see my hubby everytime i go's the same feeling i felt everytime we met when we were dating..ahaks!..terbongkar rahsia sia kan..

As for my beloved Yong Yong..he excitedly smile at me when i arrived home..trus dia minta dukung sa..oohh..terharunya sia dia buat gitu..then, i straight away show him what have i bought for him, a new pair of shoes, a set of coloring book and also pants and shirts..and he also eagerly helped me to bongkar my luggage and took out all the things i packed inside..hahhaa..sweet Yong Yong..tidak sah kalau dia nda dapat tingu semua barang2 dalam beg..i just let him be because he will usually put all the things back at the place where he took it. Good manner for a small kid like him.
Agenda this evening is dinner with my family: hubby, dad and mom, sisters and brothers..Yumyum..

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Why should i?
Hehehe..because i have done some a must-to-do updates in my FRP (Fail rekod Pensyarah)..

Besa la..lepas kelas nda update..bila ada semakan baru mo buat..hihikhik..not a big matter though, because the most important thing is everything is in accordance to the so called LESSON PLAN..

I am reading newspaper right now. Berita Harian. Spotted one headline pg 12 'tiada sambutan ambang merdeka' sempena menghormati bulan ramadan.

Ahh..itu pun ada kaitan dengan title post saya..hahha..relief least teda la masalah2 sosial yang akan terjadi selain daripada utk elakkan penularan wabak H1N1.

Personally i feel very blessed living in a very peaceful country (minus those political conflicts in which i don't give them a damn). Especially when i go balik peaceful, so calm and oh, i just feel refreshed everytime i go balik kampung..Nah, bisuk sia mo menghirup udara tanpa pencemaran...nda sabarnyaa..meninggalkan daerah Pasir Gudang yang sia tinggal sekarang walaupun sekejap ja..

Huh..satu lagi headline yg menarik perhatian sa 'rahsia cabul, rogol 4 anak terbongkar', di Terengganu..oh, my God..kes yang bukan baru. Perasaan ingin mencincang 'bapa' tersebut membuak2 dlm hati..sanggup merosakkan anak sendiri..diugut oleh ibu sendiri pla tu kalau mo buat laporan polis..budusssss betul. Nasib la salah seorang anak perempuan tu berani buat laporan polis. Memalukan betul..

oh ya..sebelum saya menyatakan hal ini, saya ingin meminta maaf kepada sesiapa pembaca Muslim yang terbaca coretan ini. Seluruh rakyat Malaysia tahu, sekarang ni Bulan Ramadhan @ Puasa. Yang bukan muslim sudah tentu tahu macam mana selayaknya mereka makan dan minum sepanjang bulan ni.

Cuma yang tidak sioknya, ada sesetengah organisasi MEMAKSA seorang pelajar pelatih bukan muslim untuk berpuasa. Pity her. Sedangkan saya pasti dalam ajaran agama Islam, teda ada suruhan untuk memaksa non-muslim berpuasa, am i right?

On the other hands, a non muslim friend who is i think not alert and concern enough put a status in his facebook 'haus, lapar'..which i think to certain people who sees it will feel irritated.

Hurmm..why people nowadays are so selfish a?..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Reasons To Feel Good

Everyone has reasons to feel good like i do..the first thing first is you must set in your mind that 'I FEEL GOOD' all the time. I am telling you this not based on others opinion but it is purely from my own thought and from what i'm keep doing in everyday life and trying to maintain it no matter how big and terrible things come to me. IT WORKS..(even right now i'm crying, missing my son so much)..yeah..i still feel good for many good things that happen in my life recently..

and there is ONE extra ordinary person who makes me FEEL GOOD all the time.GOD.

So, here are some of HIS blessings onto me that makes me feel so good:

1. HE blessed me with new a notebook: ACER ASPIRE, that my hubby can use the old one for his work purpose.

2. HE blessed me with new SE mobile phone in pink colour which i dreamt for it since last year..NC, mesti ko tau mana satu ni kan..yang kita tingu2 sana ground floor centre point tu..hehe..harga dia murah sdh..

3. HE blessed me with a good health and opportunity to remove the oil cloth under my eyes which have been there since the time that i'm not sure either .. i give 100% trust to the team of Adeline Skin Care and Beauty to make the changes for me.
4. HE blessed with an opportunity to play for my department in winning 2nd place in the InterDepartment Netball Games, held last Wednesday. I played as Wing Attack aka WA..huhu..masih sakit2 badan sa sbb nda pernah main sejak tahun 1996..
5. HE blessed me with another chance to 'balik kampung' next week on Friday to see my hubby and son. THE GREATEST BLESS OF ALL and the main reason i feel so good today..sambil nyanyi lagu iklan 'i feel good'..(*__*).

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Huha yihaa!! 5.30 hari ni ada latihan netball..i'm quite excited since this is my 1st time playing netball since last i played for my school..

At this moment me and 11 others in the Hospitality department, representing our dept for PJB Netball Inter Department Competition. Can't wait to back in action!!hehehhe..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

huh..its been a long time i didn't update my blog..And today there is a reason why i suddenly being so motivated to write an entry.

I could say it is a PERMISSION or GREEN LIGHT from the DIRECTOR of Johor Bahru Polytechnic aka PJB.
YES. Me and a friend met up with PJB Director this morning, personally to discuss about status of our application of airticket from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu this coming December..For your kind information, any government servant who has been working for 9 months and above is entitled to apply for free airticket to going back to his/her hometown (sabah/sarawak to semenanjung only and vice versa ) more good thing being a government servant.!

We, however besides ticket, have also mentioned our intention and hope to be transfered to Kota Kinabalu Polytechnic. The director has shown his concern and his point that he will support our application really made us both relieved..Having the guarrante from our BIG DADDY is the greatest achievement so far in our effort to going back to Sabah. He even advice us to submit our application best after Hari Raya since currently the ministry of higher education is still busy relocating those staff who have been promoted to a new position.. The CHANCE is there, the SUPPORT is also there, only TIME is yet to come..