Tuesday, August 11, 2009

huh..its been a long time i didn't update my blog..And today there is a reason why i suddenly being so motivated to write an entry.

I could say it is a PERMISSION or GREEN LIGHT from the DIRECTOR of Johor Bahru Polytechnic aka PJB.
YES. Me and a friend met up with PJB Director this morning, personally to discuss about status of our application of airticket from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu this coming December..For your kind information, any government servant who has been working for 9 months and above is entitled to apply for free airticket to going back to his/her hometown (sabah/sarawak to semenanjung only and vice versa )..one more good thing being a government servant.!

We, however besides ticket, have also mentioned our intention and hope to be transfered to Kota Kinabalu Polytechnic. The director has shown his concern and his point that he will support our application really made us both relieved..Having the guarrante from our BIG DADDY is the greatest achievement so far in our effort to going back to Sabah. He even advice us to submit our application best after Hari Raya since currently the ministry of higher education is still busy relocating those staff who have been promoted to a new position.. The CHANCE is there, the SUPPORT is also there, only TIME is yet to come..