Sunday, February 7, 2010

Full Occupancy

Full occupancy is a hotel term used to refer to a situation whereby all the rooms in the hotels are sold and occupied. That's how i can conclude on my situation now. Thats why only now i have time to update the world (as if the whole world reading my post, ahaks!) on what happen to my life throughout the week.

7 days passed and it is also means YongYong has been here with me for a week.
What can i say?
My daily life's routine has changed since then. I ever dream to bring YongYong and stay with me in Johor Bahru once and only now i made it into a reality. So, there is no regret and one thing for sure, this is life that exactly i should run since i have my son.

Well, 5 days under the care of a babysitter during day time these are what he, Kak Ani the baby sitter and me had experienced:
YongYong ; didn't cry at all when i leave him to Kak Ani. He even said 'babai (bye bye!) and gave me a flying kiss before i off to office.
Me ; forgotten to take Kak Ani's number, felt worried at office the whole day and kept wondering how is YongYong with Kak Ani. Too many questions wandering in my mind. Wanted to go home during lunch time but too occupied with the office work.
Kak Ani ; She said YongYong was okay, also reported to me that one thing she didn't understand is why everytime she bathed YongYong, he will cry. Actually i forgot to inform her YongYong used to bath with warm water (just like me!) and even to clean his nappy area also must be using warm water too!


YongYong: he didn't cry. just like the day before.
Me ; My anxiety lessen compared to the day before.
Kak Ani ; YongYong had twice naps this time compared to yesterday. She also said YongYong always 'minta dukung, masak pun kena dukung'..hehhe, that's my YongYong.

Wednesday & Tuesday:
YongYong; he cried and refused to go to Kak Ani's house..
Me: Wonder why he cried. Feel sad leaving him with Kak Ani but must go to work also.
Kak Ani: YongYong played the whole day with her son and daughters. She noticed that if there are other kids around, YongYong will not really look for her attention as he is too busy playing.

Friday ;

: he cried like yesterday.
Me: concluded that maybe YongYong's mood is not in yet.
Kak Ani: reported to me her hubby have to take YongYong for a ride around the neighbourhood to calm him that morning.

My conclusion ;
I was very lucky that YongYong is easily get use to stranger. My first worry when i made decision to bring YongYong here with me was 'could he adapt to a new environment?' and the answer is YES. His babysitter also assured me that YongYong has no problem with her and likewise. Her kids ; 2 boys aged 9 and 8 respectively and her daughter aged 7 really welcomed YongYong as their new companion and 'adik'. So, i guess he gonna be fine here.

While for me, what do you think i do the rest of the day?

Early morning:

Usually i wake up as early as 6am, make sure that i take bath before YongYong wake up. Get ready for work and if i'm lucky YongYong wake up exactly after i dressed up. After that, go downstair and warm his 'rice porridge' which i cooked earlier. Prepare his things : diapers, change clothes, milk and milk bottle, and other needs. Transfer them to Kak Ani who live just next door including YongYong and off to work.

Try to feed YongYong before he goes to bed..that would be around 7pm. no need to bath him because Kak Ani have done it earlier but if he sweat a lot of course i need to clean and change his shirts to nightshirts. To make him sleep is another matter. At his age now, he needs 8 ounces milk and half and hour time till he fall asleep. Sometimes i fall asleep while waiting for him to sleep.My day is not end there. After that, i'll need to do laundry. That would be around 9pm. Everyday, only after he sleep. Well, i'm not the kind of mama who keeps dirty clothes for two or three days. For me better wash everyday than seeing them getting more and more day by day! you see how occupied is my life throughout the week, right? Even friends at office notice that i look tired and seems not have enough sleep. Well, that's my life now. I'm happy with it.