Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell friends!

Our office today having a farewell party for two of our friends who are leaving for their good. They are leaving to serve the youngsters at their hometown.

The lady (free hair) is one of my gud friend leaving for Politeknik KK. The male one is leaving for Poli Ulu Terengganu. The Lady in the middle is my Head of Department. The background showing the people who came late for the morning briefing..hehe..

Nak pindah pun dapat hadiah. Confirm, kalau sa pindah, dapat juga la..hehehe..

Accompanying her to go around for picture taking

Jom makan2...

Gud friends last forever..Ena, Liza, Yani, me..

Mr Rossie (Sarawakian) with his girlfriends..(*_^)

Nasi pulut dan rendang..yummy!!

Thats all for the latest news. I have a big hope that early month next year will be my turn to say goodbye to this department.

Anyway, cant wait to fly back to Sabah. TODAY. Yiihaaaaaa!!!!!!


Please fly as fast as you could and bring me back to Sabah ASAP.

Thanks so much,