Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift

My hands had stopped shaking
My heartbeat returned to normal.

My prayers and yours ; ANSWERED.


Lucky to be coming home SOMEDAY..
and the SOMEDAY is SOON..
and the SOON is 22 December 2010!

Getting my perfect Christmas gift will make me busy this week;

~packing~clothes;the most collection i have had since i came to Polytechnic Johor Bahru in February 2009.

~clearing~my work desk for the new lucky owner..:)

~designing and printing~thank you card for true friends who have been at my side through my hard times ever since i first step in this very land called Pasir Gudang.

Welcome me back Sabahans!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first Christmas Card

Morning all, have you started sending christmas cards to friends? Or have got your first christmas card this year? Christmas is coming very soon. We have already step in to the first day of December. Yeyee!!

Yeah!! this morning i got my first Christmas Card from a dearest friend Ms Ung Ean Na. Thank you so much for brighten my almost ruin morning today. Yeah, u know, its because of the so irritating news during the morning briefing. You made my day! Thank you for always supporting me. Muah!
And thank you so much to Ms Mira as well because you helped me to find back my webcam so that i can take this picture.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Title

Ahahahaa..i'm in the mood of laughing.

An officemate who was packing her things suddenly found a long forgotten picture. A picture of her and her fellows when he just joined Polytechnic Johor Bahru aka PJB about 10-11 years ago! In that picture she was 'S' size but now has become 'L'..Everyone starting to comparing their sizes based on the picture, begin to tease each other, made the very warm afternoon in office full with laughter.

..you were so cute in this picture',you looked chubbier', 'oh no la, its my tudung made me look chubby', eh, why you look nerdy here?', 'macam lidi o kau dulu2'

..hahhaa..some comments to each others. Belum lagi diorang nampak gambar saya time form 5 dulu..macam ada katak gemuk ja di pipi kiri kanan. gemukss betul.

for 2-3 minutes the forgotten picture made my office alive. haha here and there.

I guess its a good therapy before we start busy weeks ahead. Yes. busy weeks. Old students are coming back to continue their study tomorrow. The December Session is starting this week.

I am ready to face my new students. I am ready to learn more. I am ready to give more. I am ready for whatever the result of transfer will be..which is promised next week. Earlier promised is actually on 1st December, result will be out..huh, tidak apa la.

Maybe God wants to torture me more with this temporary separation with my loved ones. Thanks God. For whatever reason YOU doing this to me. I still thank YOU.

Ah, malas la mau ingat pasal perpindahan tu..lebih baik sy ketawa saja dulu..ahahaha!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stage Fright

I just finished my EEP course for today.

The morning slot was a bit interesting. Learn about communicative grammar. Opps, not learn. It is to more recap in exact. I admitted that i'm not good in grammar and still lacking of proper vocabularies to write proper sentences. The slot was intended to freshen the participant's memories in using proper grammar in teaching..the part that i am weak..:( Still practicing though..huhu

While in the afternoon it was the public speaking slot. Yes, public speaking! Not many seems to like it. me neither. Haha..

anyone feel like doing this?

With the topic of 'self introduction', participants were given 3 minutes talk of the very easy topic given. Guided some more with points prepared by the speaker.

i tell you is not as easy as writing the draft of your speech when come to the presentation before other fellows. Cikgu pun pandai nervous ni kalau kena suruh bercakap di depan orang yang bukan students..haha..ironi kan. Padahal, setiap hari buat public speaking depan kelas.

Most participants did well in term of self-confidence but grammatically, not all did well including me..hehe. But like the speakers concluded after the slot, the first aim of the activity is to gain self confidence. Grammar, tidak apa..so i guess all did well la sebab semua dapat cakap di depan..

For me, i did mistake also in the beginning of my speech..i said 'right now i feel stomach in my butterflies'...hahhahaa, that's a sign of truly attacked by stage fright! I supposed to say 'i feel butterflies in my stomach'! hahahahha....100x!

Tommorrow, will be doing micro-teaching fully in English but in a smaller group. Another stage fright coming?..huhu..we will see. ;)

Till then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


errk..Whats that stand for?

EEP=English Enhancement Program.
A 4 days course for every lecturer in order for us to maximize the use of English in teaching and learning process. I'm in the course, starting today till friday.

Oops, do not get me wrong. Now is our lunch time and will be back to the course at 2.30pm. Its clear that i'm not 'curi-curi' updating my blog during the course. Its not me. Course is course. I focus on it to make sure i gain all the knowledge from the speaker. I know some people like to surfing net, facebooking, listening to music or whatever which is not related to the course, just because they say 'kursus is boring'. It depends on how you set your mind, right?

The first session this morning, not so interesting and not so attractive. The way it carried out was like the learning and teaching process in class. Reading text and understanding the text. A bit boring. Only one slot was considered interesting. But lets see how is the progress, this afternoon.

Meanwhile, this is our picture during a short trip at Tg Balau Beach..Yong2 really had a great time playing sands and not afraid of the waves anymore like his first trip beach last May..Hampir dia nda mau balik oo.

Till then.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gifts With Lots of Love

Chakk! Hahaha.
Its almost impossible for me to start a word for this entry.
huhuhu..tiba2 macam rasa janggal ni nda tau mau tulis apa..

Feel ashamed for being away so long from my blog actually. Proven enough that i'm not that passionate enough in the blogging world, kan?. My last entry was in October if i'm not mistaken. Lepas tu terus silent saja. Ada juga mau try2 update di office tapi teda privacy, office mate selalu limpas2 di belakang..Kalau di rumah pula, teda peluang mo guna laptop sebab YongYong asyik mau tingu Ultraman seja..pandai switch on dan pasang cd sendiri lg tu.

Well, you may guess, where i have been and what i have been doing. Hate to say that when coming to every end of semester kerja kami ialah teda lain teda bukan menyibukkan diri dengan kerja-kerja penyiapan markah kuiz, ujian dan tugasan pelajar. Malang saya lagi terlibat dengan persediaan soalan-soalan peperiksaan akhir yang kerjanya nda la susah tapi banyak yang remeh - temeh. I admit that working in goverment educational institution sangat la banyak kerja berbanding di kolej swasta dulu. Oppsyy! i'm not complaining, just sharing though. :)

But yeah finally i found my strength to start blogging again.

In fact, there are many stories that i wanted to share since my last post in October..tapi nda jadi2..tersimpan seja. Tapi dalam banyak2 tu, rasanya saya mau share2 yang ini dulu la..cerita tentang hadiah.:)

One great thing being a dedicated educator is when students appreciate what you have done to them. Especially those who are in their final semester..Best ba mengajar semester akhir ni. Diorang suka bagi hadiah sama lecturer yang mengajar diorang.
and lucky me, i was one of them..hehe..

Tadaaa...the gifts from my beloved students..with lots of love!

Handed to me on their last day at Politeknik Johor Bahru. Siap peluk2 lagi sambil nangis2..thanking me non-stop for being a great lecturer.
huhu..terharu juga la sia.
Never thought that they would appreciate me that much. And i liked it. Motivate me to be more creative in teaching, to be more patient facing problematic students, and the most important is to be more matured in my career. Every semester is an experience and experiment too.

Thats all for this time.
Till then.

Monday, October 25, 2010


:) :) :)...
a very sad news early morning today.

Kawan yang nak bertukar dari Politeknik Kota Kinabalu call tadi dan memberitahu saya


i am like..aaa?! trus sebak. gementar. semua ada.

Adakah harapan tinggal harapan? Aduhh..

Peluang untuk berjaya dalam permohonan semakin tipis..

Kenapa la si kawan ni tetiba ja berubah fikiran. Sebab yang dia bagi pun tidak berapa kukuh.. Salah satunya dia dah berkenan dengan orang Sabah. Dia tak bagitau la, tapi ada kawan yang bagitau..huhuuu.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Drama Scene at a friend's Hari Raya Open House

Blessed with a healthy, active, talkative and super friendly 2 years and six month son is indeed a great gift from God...very very great-full for that though.

You'll expect some embarrasing yet entertaining action from your kid when you are at your friend's house, at a shopping mall or even at a wet market(if you tag them along).
and....my son did not fail to embarrassed me last night at a friend's house..huhu..

Last night, i went to a friend's Hari Raya open house. As i expected, there were many children there too. But many of them were girls. Some are my colleagues' kids and the rest maybe from the neighborhood.

As usual he did not have any problem befriending them..sekejap saja sudah berlari-lari kejar-kejar dengan tu budak2..so, i let him play round with the kids. but still keeping my eyes over him, takut tiba2 dia buat aksi pula..saya pun dengan senang hati join makan-makan dengan kawan2 lain.

Many of my colleagues were informed earlier that my son is a fanatic fan of the Ultraman series. Not very sure how its all started, suddenly my Yong2 suddenly doing a drama scene in front of all guests in the house..

'hiyyaaaa! Haiyaaa! Fire! Fire! Ultraman Cosmos! Raksaksa!'hiyaa! (with some funny and fierce face expression some more)

Guess what he did? He acted just like the Ultraman Cosmos fighting the dinasour in the Ultraman series!
He made the house filled with laughter for 2-3 minutes, entertained by his drama..oh my..That's really show how friendly my son is..memang nda malu-malu depan orang o!

huhuhuhuuuuuu..how should i suppose to react? Saya rasa saya pun terkejut nda sangka Yong2 tiba-tiba beraksi macam tu. I also joined the rest laughing..Hahahha!

I then, stopped him. Friends keep talking 'wow, no wonder you miss him a lot when he is not with you'. Yepps, that true.

Then, i brought him to the playground located just in front of my friend's house. Just don't want him to create another scene there. Many kids were there too. Met with a mummy of two beautiful daughters who is my friend's sister in law.

She said, 'Anak awak besar dari umur, lancar sudah bercakap walaupun baru dua tahun, tidak takut orang macam sesetengah budak.'..Yepps, again. its a credit to me. Feel so, so and so blessed.

Untill now i still can not forget what my son did last night..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Malaysia Day, My Best Of Day

16 September 2010,

Wishing all Malaysian :

Happy Malaysia Day.

and not forgetting:

Happy Birthday To Me.

Reaching 31 years old, but still feel like 13! (*_^)!

And glad that finally after 47 years, Malaysia Day is celebrated by all Malaysian. It should be this way ever since Malaysia is formed in year 1963. But, better late than never, right?

Thank you so much for the wishes: friends & relatives.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this place still safe for us to live in?

That's the question that strike me after reading the newspaper today.

My answer is: I am doubt now.

Criminals act are everywhere and is worsening. There is like no more safe place on Earth.
The recent case involving the tragic murder of Datuk Sosilawati and another 4 person, terrifying me.

Not mentioning the baby dumping, accidents( number arising), father kill his son, son kills his father, teenager rapes a granny/father, brother rapes daughter/ sister, suicide, and the list goes on..

Among all reasons why all these happens only this relate very much:


There is no religion that commands its followers to kill. Specifically, to kill human.
I believe in that.

If they have a little light of faith, they will not murder, they will not dump baby, they will not rape their daughter/sister, and they will not do this and that..again the list goes on.

Come on people, lets have little faith, to guide us in life.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Career Path - Part 2

Hai! Hehhe..siou, sia rajin ba konon update blog sekarang. Nanti semester buka, mesti jarang sudah menulis.

Baiklah. Bagi kawan2 blogger yang mengikuti blog saya dari awal 'dilahirkan' mesti pernah baca tentang entry bertajuk My Career Path bertarikh November 28, 2008. Saya juga ada memberitahu yang akan ada siri ke-2. Jeng Jeng Jeng! Inilah sambungannya.

Job Number 3: Waitress - Part Timer

Ingat ka dulu, selepas dapat result STPM saya dan kawan saya tu resign notis 24 jam dari tu kedai Lo & Brothers. Selepas tu, saya tidak kerja lagi sehinggalah mendapat panggilan untuk mendaftar masuk ke Universiti Malaysia Sabah sebagai mahasiswi Ijazah Pengurusan Perniagaan mengkhusus dalam Hotel Management bermula dari June 1999-2002.

Di sanalah saya berjumpa dengan Kay Abdullah aka Cath, NancyPeter @ Nc, Sal dan Michelle Tan (yang ada blog). Kami menjadi rakan sekursus selama 3 tahun. Dan amazingly, menjadi rakan serumah pula dua semester kalau tak silap dan pada final year kami di UMS. Banyak betul kenangan manis kami ni tau, termasuklah yang paling diingati bergambar dengan HANDPHONE antik kami di depan Sekolah Perniagaan Ekonomi, UMS.

Photo source: NancyPeter @ Nc. (edited)
We were Ex-schoolmates & Ex-housemates.
Can you spot the bloggers? (Sal, Cath, me and Nc?)

Kami jugalah yang bersama-sama menjadi part-timer di Shangri La Resort, Tg Aru. Kerja ni lecturer kami yang tolong cari. First time jadi waitress. Saya tidak berapa suka sebab kena teriak oleh senior, piring yang mo diangkat berat2, itu pintu pigi pantry pun bikin panas juga.

Pengalaman yang tidak dapat saya lupa time serving, saya tidak sengaja tersiku rambut seorang auntie yang disanggul tinggi. Kena jeling saya oo..tapi saya dengan selamba meminta maaf. Mana la tidak tersiku, susunan kerusi untuk meja 10 orang sempit2. Lagi pun first time kan, jadi belum champion menyisip2 bila mau serve makanan. Sorry la auntie, nda sengaja. Hehehe..
Gaji time tu rm2 ka rm2.50 sejam. Bagi saya memang tidak berbaloi. Kerja bukan main penat, gaji seciput ja. Tapi apa yang paling penting ialah pengalaman memandangkan ada kaitan dengan kursus yang kami ambil di UMS.

Seterusnya, tempat yang saya pernah kerja jadi waitress ialah di Nexus Resort Karambunai, tempat saya praktikal dan terus kerja selama setengah tahun ja (jun-dec 2002). Direct kerja selepas tamat ijazah. Tak tahan saya oo, penat betul la kerja di hotel.

Saya jadi slim terus dan dapat gastrik juga. Tapi yang bestnya dan saya sangat suka ialah saya dapat praktis berbahasa Inggeris, tahap keyakinan semakin tinggi dan tidak lagi malu-malu.

Saya enjoy sangat kerja di sana tapi tidak dapat mengatasi penat yang saya rasa. Ini menyebabkan saya berhenti pada hujung tahun tu juga. Abang saya kahwin dan saya tidak dapat cuti. Krismas pun tidak dapat cuti. Jadi yang terbaik ialah RESIGN. Lagipun waktu tu saya teringin sangat berehat selepas tamat 3 tahun di UMS.

Mau tau apa lagi yang paling best saya dapat di sana selama 6 bulan?(malu-malu kucing sudah ni mo bagitau)

..tadaaa...Papa Yong2!! siap ada gambar lagi. Ngeheheheee(secret revealed!)..di Nexus la saya menemui hubbyku yang tercinta ini. Nda sia-sia kan saya kerja 6 bulan di sana. Hahaha!

Oh ya, ada satu lagi tempat saya kerja jadi waitress. Restoran Cina di jalan Bundusan. Warna hijau dia punya bahagian luar. Beraircond dan exclusive juga la. Selalu ada tourist dari Taiwan yang lunch di situ. Saya selalu kena layan tourist yang tidak pandai BM sebab yang waiter dan waitress lain tidak berani. Restoran tu boleh nampak dari jalan raya. Hishh..lupa betul namanya. Kerja di sana dalam 3 bulan ja. Every month dapat rm750. Byk overtime. Tak penat macam di hotel sebab buka lunch time 11am-2pm dan buka balik 7pm-10pm. Dari situ saya resign sebab dapat kerja lain.

Dan ceritanya akan disambung ke entry yang seterusnya pula.
So, stay tuned ya!

To all friends, relatives, PJB & ACIC students / former students...

Selamat Hari Raya 2010. Maaf Zahir Batin.

I can't wait to go makan-makan at my officemates house and makan2 at office too. Sure plenty of food in our pantry soon! But have to wait for them coming back to work. Most of them taking two weeks leave during this Hari Raya holiday.

Hmm..first day of Hari Raya. The neighborhood is so quite and peaceful. Most neighbours balik kampung since yesterday evening. Me, my sister and Yong2 stay at home.

Just now, a group of children excitedly saying 'assalamualaikum, nak raya!' outside our gate. Hehhe..they came to the wrong house lerr..funny!

I replied 'sorry, kami tak sambut raya'.
The children hurriedly walked away and inside the house i still heard them saying
'ala, engkau ni, malu la. salah rumah la.'

Hahaa..poor them. I have a packet of sampul hari raya given by the cashier at the supermarket yesterday.tapi,tak kan la sia mau bg sampul kosong kan. Tunggu la bila Krismas. Hehehe..

Right away the children went away to another house guess who (what) came next? A pregnant Siamese meow meow came, sitting in front of the door that i let opened. The meow looking at me like asking for something. Kesian..I guess the meow is hungry. So, i tried feeding the meow with crackers.

Yong2 is feeding the meow. Memang meow ni lapar oo. Cepat ja dia makan.

Ini cracker kedua ni meow makan.

Ini yang ketiga. Tried give it chipsmore pula. hehe! It loves it too.

Mesti tuan si meow ni balik kampung. Nasib pandai ni meow cari makan di rumah orang.
Lepas habis tu chipsmore baru la si meow nampak macam sudah kenyang. Masuk rumah sekejap, jalan2 di ruang tamu. Lepas tu baru dia keluar dan tidak tau pigi mana.

Agak2 lepas ni siapa dan binatang apa lagi yang mo minta makan a?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do not be a square, Be a circle.

Early morning today while waiting for my office mate to fetch me to work, a thought came across my mind:


Kesian ini tembikai square kalau kena tendang kan..sakit perut nanti kalau makan.:)


Nah..dia suruh lagi tendang...

wE All kNoW, tHeRe aRe Vast MeSSaGes wE CouLD GeT aNd InTERpratE FrOm tHe QuOTE aBoVEd.

BUt, todaY i lOveD to tHink it LikeWise.

IF i wErE given A ChOiCE whICH ShAPe I WouLD Be. NeIthEr OnE.

if i ChOOSe To bE A SqUAre, tHe GooD ThinG IS I Am StAbLe In PoSitION. NO Need To Be ScARed Of FaLLing Or ROllInG FrOm WhEre You Are PlaCed. PeopLe AlsO Not InTerEsteD to KiCk You SinCe aFrAid Of GettING PAin KIckEd Your VerTiCes. YoU SaFe! ..:)

In many people thought, a person choosing square is not good because they say square means you are not open minded, limited to the space where you are, and..bla bla..

How ABout Being a ciRCle? Its not my choice NEitHer. Why? PeOpLE maY EasIly fool YoU ArOunD; EasiLy MocKEd; KiCk YouR AsS.

In many people thought again, a circle means you are very open minded, can go everywhere you want because even wind when blowing will help you to move, without others helped.

Could not agree with me? Don't argue. Nda da maknanya..hehee!
This is a very bold idea, without help from any famous Philosopher , with my empty stomach early morning.

Paling penting..idea ini adalah SAJA-SAJA di buat. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang nda hidup..hehheeh!.

Don't take it seriously!!

Till then

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yang ini mama punya, yang itu ipah punya..

My sister sampai dari Sabah pagi semalam. Selepas hantar dia ke rumah, sia terus balik ke ofis.

Kalau la saya ada keta sendiri di sini, mau juga lepak2 di rumah, petang baru balik ofis punch kad. Teda juga student mau ajar kan. Tapi oleh kerana tiada, terpaksa la duduk ofis ja sepanjang hari.

Selepas balik dari ofis, adik sia cerita si Yong2 bawa dia 'tour' dalam rumah.

Mula2 dia buka peti sejuk dan tunjuk mana satu makanan dia, makanan mama dan makanan ipah, housemate sia.

Lepas tu, dia bawa pula adik sia naik ke tingkat atas. Tunjuk mana satu bilik kami (bilik Yong2 dia bilang) dan mana satu bilik ipah. Sama la dengan bilik mandi
'ini ipah punya,' dia ckp..

Ada lagi. Dia cakap dengan adik sia, 'ini semua baju mama, k'. Sambil pegang baju-baju sia.
Tidak habis begitu ja, dia teruskan 'tour' dalam rumah kepada benda2 lain pula..

Pandai betul YongYong sia ni kan.

O ya, petang semalam juga one of my bestie & ofismate juga datang ke rumah. Kawan sia ni selalu kasi manja Yong2 dengan ole2 seperti aiskrim kalau dia datang. Semalam dia datang dengan tangan kosong. Dan selalunya dia akan bagi duit sebagai ganti. Berikut perbualan dia dengan Yong2:

My friend: 'Yong2, Mak Yang takde bawa apa2 tau. Yong2 batuk, mama cakap tak boleh makan aiskrim. Mak Yang bagi duit, nak?'

Yong2: 'Tak nak'.

Saya teringat sebelum ni saya cakap dengan Yong2, kalau Mak Yang bagi duit, Yong2 cakap 'tak nak, okay'. And he did.

Hubby pun nda suka kalau Yong2 terbiasa dengan duit. Tapi sejak saya bagi dia RM1 hari tu, pandai sudah dia minta2 duit..huhu..tapi bagus juga sbb nanti dia masukkan dalam tabung duit dia.

Kembali kepada my friend tadi, bila dia balik2 kena tanya mau ka tidak duit tu, trus dia cakap 'nak'..huhu..budak2. Mana la mau menolak kalau sudah kena bagi, kan?

Saya ingat time saya kecil2 dulu. Mana la ada kena offer banyak kali mau ka tidak kena bagi duit. Kalau ada, seronok la. Kalau tiada, nda apa. Lain betul dengan zaman sekarang.
Jauh sangat bezanya.

Apa pun, saya harap nanti Yong2 besar, dia akan menghargai apa yang mama dan papa dia buat untuk dia. God's willing. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For kids, happiness is that count

Every afternoon on weekend Yong2 will ask me ' Ma, nak main d luar' (translated: May i play outside mummy?)

I know he is boring at home alone. So, sometimes i'll let the children from the neighborhood to come in the house to play with him. He is very playful one. Non-stop. Just look at him.

When the children get in, he started to preach about his Ultraman stories.

He holds the book as if he can read already while at the sametime watching the kids playing with his toys. They were lucky because sometimes he will not allow others to play or even touch his toys. My effort to instill a good value in friendship such as SHARING now, worked.

Yong2 is chasing some of them with his water gun. Watching them playing happily, suddenly a thought came across my mind; I was so lucky to giving birth a very healthy and active child, loved by everyone around him.

He keep chasing and chasing until one of them purposely stop and let Yong2 caught her.
He than shouted 'Tembak kau!' . The funny thing is he know exactly where to shoot; right on her ass!! Hahaha..

Happy kids. No worries. They have no ideas what the adults are thinking. Because for them only happiness is that count.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dinner for Two

My housemate is already went back to Sabah for her Raya celebration. She will be in Sabah till 14th September. Almost two weeks off from work.

So, guess what? Only me and my Yong2 in this house until 7th September. My 16 years old sister will come over to take care Yong2 till 14th. Well, Yong2's baby sitter also need break right?. She is going back to Kelantan on 8th and coming back on 14th also.

This coming Raya celebration, i do not take any leave. First, the raya ticket is so expensive. Second, my annual leave balance is just enough for 2 weeks leave at the end of year. So, save it for Christmas.

Okay enough mumbling for nothing. Lets check out what exactly is my post title about.

Last night, i cooked simple dishes for me and Yong2. Nothing so special about the dishes because you also know how to cook it. Veeeerrryyy ordinary..hehehe!

Show you the drink first. Mixed of Fresh Mango juice (preffered the PEEL OFF from MARIGOLD) and Fresh Milk..taste yummy especially when its cold. Rich with Vitamin A,C and E. Try it. :)

Hehehe..he is so co-operating. He sip the drink for the camera actually.

Not forgetting Yong2's favorite dishes: finger chicken nuggets. He usually loves eating sausage (he pronounces it 'totej) very much but i change it sometimes to other ready made chicken product for variety.

Fried fish. Ikan Kerisi. Correct me if i'm wrong ya. I kind of weak remembering fish name. If you look closely, you will see 'sisik ikan' still on the fried fish. Purposely leave it there coz i like eating it. Rangup ba bila makan..tapi kena goreng garing la. Actually i want to cook Ikan Masak Sambal but i feel lazy already after i fried the fish.

Chicken and mix vegetable soup..I usually use chicken wings to make chicken soup. Do you know why? this part has less and very thin flesh..more bones, which i like so much. I'm sure my close friends like Cath and Nc knows what my choice is if we have meal at KFC restaurant. 'ribs or drumstick please'. If my hubby is dining together with us, i'll dump all flesh to him and take the bones only.hehehe, poor hubby!

The last but not least; mixed vegie (bitter gourd and capsicum, peas, corn/maize, carrot) with chicken frankfurters with onion and cheese. Different version of mix vegie, right? well, that's all i found in the fridge.

All the dishes is not complete without this. small of cut of red chillies, lime juice and chopped onion..Yong2 will say ' pedas kan Ma'. Yes, it is. But i makes me to go for second round of steam rice. Hehe..
Thats all for our dinner last night.

Think: how good if my hubby was here.(:

Oops..wait, let me guess what you think. 'Did i finished all the dishes alone?'
You are right for whatever you think in your mind.:)

Till then.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blogwalking Award

Its time to do the reward from Kay Abdullah aka Cath.

Dan jawapan untuk soalan2 cepu emas ialah:

1. Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?

...kenapa la pensyarah politeknik tidak cuti sama2 dengan pelajar. Bikin benci oo..sy sakit hati sangat. Padahal tiada la istimewa sangat jadi pensyarah poli ni..

2. Apakah nama samaran anda:

1. Uzoeiy - plg fames, sbb kawan2 dr sek rendah, sek menengah sampai UMS panggil sa dgn nama ni.

2. Eve - kawan2 opis dan sesetengah kawan rapat

3. Tuwong - means 'gelap' aunty sy saturang panggil sbb dia cakap time sia baby dulu gelap betul dia bilang. Skrg nda sdh, sbb pandai sudah pakai Fair n Lovely kunu..hehehe

4. Elyn - panggilan daripada anak buah sy

3. Siapakah 3 orang yang paling kamu sayang?
Papa yong2 dan Yong2 serta my parents. Seterusnya kawan2..

...tidak adil ni soalan o kan? ada ka 3 saja dia suruh pilih..apa kata sy tukar ni soalan:

Bagaimana kamu menunjukkan kamu menyayangi seseorang? hehehe..

4. Panggilan untuk si dia?

..biasa saja kalau sy, sbb sudah kahwin of course la 'sayang'. tak pernah panggil nama dia sejak kahwin. Tapi sejak yong2 pandai cakap kena panggil papa or daddy. Yong2 ikut panggil papa dia 'sayang'..

5. Hadiah yang diimpikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa?

...selalunya sy nda la mengharap sangat kena bagi hadiah oleh papa yong2, sy lebih suka kena bawa jalan2 macam pigi Kundasang. Siok ba sana..
tapi kalau dia tanya mo hadiah apa, sia suka macam yg si cath punya..baju atau handbag pilihan sendiri,,hehehhe,,sy pilih dia bayar..

6. Blog mana yang selalu anda lawat?

....blog sy la. hehe..sebenarnya banyak, tengok bila ada update akan melawat..terutama yang ada di blogroll sy.

7. Tag kan kepada 15 blogger
..Michelle Tan
..yuzz boo duct jahat
..Fantastic Ajane
..KrisNadia (kalau Nc belum tag )
..Uncle Greg (buli ka angkol?)hehe,,
..suhaira wafiah@princess wawa

...nda cukup 15 tapi tu ja sia teringat. kawan2 len boleh ambil ye..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My recent trip back to Sabah

Last week i did mentioned that i made a last minute decision flew back to Sabah. I never regretted it.
It was a very please moment and i treasured every moment of it.

Here are some pictures to share with you:

My uncle in traditional head gear called 'sigal', ready to perform the Sumundai mongigol dance-traditional dance of Rungus ethnic in Kudat.

The 'Sigal' is unique. To produce one, it takes a week or two without interruption. Focus i mean. Or else it takes months to finish one. And it is purely hand-woven from 'kapok' or cotton.

In Sabah, 'Sigal' is one of the traditional head gear that worn by most ethnic and to see the difference 'sigal' of different ethnic, month of May is the best time. Its the month festivity - Harvest Festival, held once, every year, in every district of Sabah.

The Sumundai Mongigol Dance - usually performed by a man and followed by few women, accompanied by the traditional music instruments - Gong.
Particularly, Sumundai refers to the movement of the women following the gongs beats, while Mongigol is the dance of the man that dancing the different steps from the women except for the arms that widely open and moved gracefully.
As a Rungusian, its a shame if you don't know how do the dance. I'm lucky because my mom is an EXPERT and her daughter must be the same, too. (*-^)!

Some of them (the dancers) are my relatives wearing traditional costume in conjunction with my family event.
They wear it to honour my late grandfather. Its part of the tradition to perform this dance whenever a family conduct a prayer event of their late family. A tradition that must be kept alive to always remind us our root.

Closer look - i approached one of the dancers and ask permission to take her pict.

She is wearing an almost complete Rungus traditional costume.

The complete costume is usually decorated with thousand dollars of antique beads, worn on the hips and shoulder. oh ya, not forgetting the ornaments worn on their wrist and leg.

The complete costume.
Courtesy from : www.realadventure.com

Hope that this post give you-my readers a bit info of the Rungus ethnic in Sabah.
Will share some more pictures of activities i did during the balik kampung trip recently. Till then!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lima Ratus

Entri sia hr ni dalam bahasa Sabah. Bersemangat sia sebab esok malam sia mau naik kapal terbang besi pigi Sabah. (*-^). Si Yong2 pun bersemangat juga. Tidur pun bulih sebut 'naik kapal terbang'..haha!

Keputusan balik kampung yang dibuat last minit sebab nda dapat balik raya. tiket mahal. Balik time hari kebangsaan pun boleh la. Lagi pun ada kenduri kasi bersih kubur datuk sia sambil kasi simen, bagi cantik biar datuk sia happy rumah dia cantik.

Itu tiada kena mengena dengan tajuk entri sia. LIMA RATUS. hehhe.

Kalau yang kerja kerajaan tau sangat la ini. Yang ditunggu-tunggu setiap tahun. Semenjak sia kerja kerajaan ni sudah dua tahun dapat 5 ratus. Tahun lalu, dapat untuk menggantikan bonus. Kali ini pula angpau raya la ini katakan.

Sebenarnya ada lagi yang sia tunggu2 ba ini sejak kerja kerajaan. Bonus yang macam dulu2 uncle2, anti2, kawan2 yg lama sdh kerja kerajaan. Dapat bonus sebulan gaji. Wah, siok o kalau macam itu.

Tapi dapat angpau 5 ratus pun syukur sangat la sebab kawan2 yg bukan kerajaan mana ada macam ini kan.

Jadi dengan LIMA RATUS angpau ini, sia rasa negara masih lagi dalam kondisi ekonomi yang belum memberangsangkan. Sebab itu la bonus kepada penjawat awam belum dapat di bagi macam dulu. Mari la kita doakan supaya ekonomi negara kita akan pulih sepenuhnya pada masa depan supaya rakyat lebih makmur.

Sebenarnya, lima minit tadi jari jemari sia rancak menaip Terms Of Reference bagi kursus yang saya selia. Tapi trus tersesat pigi menulis entri untuk blog. Hehhehe...Jangan tiru, nanti kena marah bos korang pula.

Yours truly with hubby and son
Malacca River Bank,
Malacca, July 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its how i am doing today :)

Many people believe in a theory that pictures sometimes can be the best instrument to express certain things. I also do.

Yours truly, as for today. Picture taken early morning today before going to office. I wear red blouse = happy. I feel that what i wear pictures my mood of the day. I always choose office attire based on my mood. That means, i must iron all my office attire at one time so that i can pick them and put it on anytime. Rabbit smile; that's me! ^-*.

Hmm..feel like sharing some good progress of my beloved son.

Pictures of my son trying his best to button his shirt after i encouraged him few times to do it by himself. I learned so many things since he came into our lives. I noticed that my son is not a kid that give up before trying every time i ask him to do something by himself which is in the future i'm sure will help him in many ways. God's willing. For the first time he didn't make it, turned to me and said; 'Ma, x pandai la'.

Few days after i the pictures above, an evening after i bathed him, i purposely unbutton his shirt and this was what i saw. He was trying patiently to button his shirt till didn't aware of me taking his picture. This time he also didn't make it but at least he tried his best. Will need to remind and encourage him again and again till he does. But so far that is his progress.

Proud of you my Yong2!