Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first Christmas Card

Morning all, have you started sending christmas cards to friends? Or have got your first christmas card this year? Christmas is coming very soon. We have already step in to the first day of December. Yeyee!!

Yeah!! this morning i got my first Christmas Card from a dearest friend Ms Ung Ean Na. Thank you so much for brighten my almost ruin morning today. Yeah, u know, its because of the so irritating news during the morning briefing. You made my day! Thank you for always supporting me. Muah!
And thank you so much to Ms Mira as well because you helped me to find back my webcam so that i can take this picture.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zoi, thats very nice getting your first X'mas card. My wife does all the sending out to our o/seas friends and relatives.
It snowed last night and today and outside is all white.
Looks like we will be having a white X'mas...
Usually will snow just before on on X'mas eve too. This time snow came early. and its a cool -7'c now.

You look very nice in the pic. Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

zoi said...

Hi Uncle Lee. Thank you for the pujian..i do look nice all the time. hahha..
Getting Christmas card in the world ehere most people sending wishes and greetings through internet, makes me excited so much.

Happy white Christmas to you Uncle Lee. Do send some snow to us in Malaysia! :)

pwincess Lov3y dOv3y said...

puan merry christmas puan..
kad x der..
so saya wish jerk kat puan..:-)

cikgu said...

2nd card mana? hehehe..