Monday, June 15, 2009

Me? A secretary? Oh, No!

Been busy lately. Can u imagine its semester break still but i have loads of task to be done?..huhuhu..

I never thought that i'll be given a SECRETARY post in any department i attached. Its already set in my mind that 'kerja secretary susah la. Taip itu, taip ini..have to follow bos pergi meeting la, bla..bla..'! Nah, ambik ko..ketulahan! my friend said to me..

I'm so unfortunate when all my additional task in my department are secretary.

1. S/U Akademik Jabatan - functioning once in a while.

2. S/U Kursus Pendek Jabatan - functioning every semester break..huhu..

3. Penolong S/U Malaysian Qualification Agency aka MQA Peringkat Jabatan- functioning since last week and have to admit this is the most tough one. This year Politeknik Johor Bahru is on the way to get the MQA accreditation. Luckily i'm aware and already exposed to MQA at my last company. But still tough..

Well, whatever it is, i take it all positively. The good thing is i can request to minimize / reduce my teaching credit hour and can drop the no. 1 and no. 2 post after considering the toughness of the post no.3. Lucky me!

Hehehe..If not can't blame me and the team if PJB failed to get the MQA accreditation due to hospitality department submitted the incomplete document..Tough huh?.hmm...will do my best!