Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now i can breath normally

The last 4 days recently really put me in a tense situation. YongYong was not feeling well for the past 4 days since we back from Sabah.

First he vomited due to his tonsils swollen, followed by high fever and after recover from number 1 & 2, come the bad rashes at his nappy area. Still in medication. In the process of recovering.

I tell you, when your little one not feeling well, they will turn very- very -very demanding. All they want is your 100% attention! I was so stress when i can't stop him crying due to the pain he feel. What double my tense was because i'm the only one with him here in JB. I tell you again, its not easy taking care a sick child alone especially when that is your first time experience. Saya boleh jadi over stress ooo..

But like i keep telling myself, THIS IS A MUM'S LIFE SHOULD BE. If last Sunday i decided to leave him with his grandma back in Sabah, and let them handle my son while he was sick, maybe until now i don't feel as good as now.

What most important is, I feel i'm stronger now after been through the 4 tense days alone.(with less help also from my housemate, but no question because she is not married and she has his own business. Nevertheless, thank you so much to her for sending and accompanying us to clinic!)

Now, i can breath normally and have my ease of mind. Even not totally but at least i can say it is in 95% level. Praised to the Almighty God!