Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Budak Sabah

For all Sabahans who have been staying in Peninsular Malaysia for long time, this considered as nickname to Sabahan , "Budak Sabah" may not longer strange in your ears. But for me, i can't accept it. I gave the administration department of Poli JB a negative impression as they called me "Budak Sabah" on my very first day here. I really really can't accept it. Its sounds humiliating the Sabahans. Every time when i heard them talking to each other, they will say 'oh, budak sabah tu ye?'..whats their point actually? Mcm budak kampung betul ka orang Sabah samapai dorang refer kami mcm tu. Another strange thing that they ask when meeting Sabahan is "Agama apa?' If i am a Christian, so what? Is it really a matter for them to know about our religion..Haizz..so weird..and i don't like the weirdness of their attitude. If i have a chance, i'll ask them why the call Sabahan 'budak sabah'. I really want to know. But for now, i'll keep it in my heart first.